Rising Star Tours launches visa fee refund scheme


Under the scheme, if Rising Star Tours & Travels is unable to get a valid travel visa from the concerned authority for a customer, it will refund the full visa fee, provided one avails Visa Insurance Cover (VIC) from the company.

Rising Star Tours & Travels (RSTT), a leading Delhi-based tours & travels company, has rolled out a new scheme in favour of travel visa applicants. With an objective to relieve people from extensive visa application and document assessment process, the company would manage the entire visa obtaining and approval procedure with a curated team of experts. The team will ensure that all visa requirements for destination country are fulfilled and necessary documents are arranged beforehand, leaving no scope for application rejection. With this, Rising Star Tour & Travels becomes first to offer such a policy to the travelers.

The charges for Visa Insurance Cover (VIC) vary from INR 99 to INR 599 depending on the countries and document assessment charges are from INR 99 to INR 499. It is the company’s commitment that the customers’ visa applications shall not get rejected and their travel plans will not get cancelled for this reason. In case of rejection, RSTT will refund the entire visa fee to the customers. The travel visa insurance cover is available for more than 80 tourist destination countries – Bangladesh, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Egypt, Kenya, Philippines, Taiwan, South Africa, Japan, Korea, Australia, Europe, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, Russia, French Polynesia, Nigeria, and the UK.

The purpose behind RSTT’s new scheme is to save customers from costly expenditures and stress involved in travel visa issuance process. As of now, an individual has to apply for travel visa online, or through embassy or opt for visa services offered by third-party companies, which usually takes three to four weeks. But now, those planning their trips with RSTT can also get a visa in the shortest time possible.

Also, it will help to debunk the myth prevailing amongst the customers that the tour operators are benefitted from such services whereas the truth is that tour operators offer this privilege only to deliver a richer experience to the customers. In fact, tour operators have to bear monetary loss when the visa fee is refunded to them.

Elaborating on this, Amit Jain-Founder of Rising Star Tours and Travels, said, “Rising Star Tours & Travels is committed to improving travelers’ experience and make planning trips easy and convenient. Failures in travel visa issuance have many times resulted in trip cancellations. With this scheme, we bring on table expertise in the issuance of international travel documents which would save both time and efforts and improve the prospects of visa approval.”