DTDC partners with Indore airport


Passengers can now easily send back their extra luggage from DTDC counter set up at the airport.

DTDC Express, a leading Indian Express & Parcel Service provider, in collaboration with Devi Ahilya Bai Holkar Airport in Indore will now support travellers carrying luggage beyond the total permissible weight limit to send their extra baggage back home if they do not want to pay the excess luggage fees. The new facility is available from 10thJune and passengers would need to pay only a nominal cost at the DTDC counter established within the airport premises to avail the same.

Tiffs and arguments over excess baggage is one of the most common sights in airports all over the world. While fliers seek leeway on the rules to avoid paying huge excess baggage charges, the airport staffers are helpless as they are bound by airline rules. With departure time ticking and passengers, especially the ones travelling alone, feeling particularly desperate, these situations can, and do escalate pretty quickly.

Fortunately, DTDC’s novel initiative resolves this issue in the best possible manner, guaranteeing peace of mind to all the parties involved. Through the logistics company’s widespread delivery network and efficient last-mile services, the extra luggage will safely be delivered to the passengers’ destination locations. All of this, at a fraction of a cost than the excess baggage charges, and all the complications that go with it!

Commenting on the unique and much needed service offering, Abhishek Chakraborty, Executive Director, DTDC said “Baggage clashes are an issue every flier and airport staffer is dreadfully familiar with. It is not always possible to get your luggage weighed before every trip, but the airport authorities are helpless in this regard as airline rules are strict and uniform on this issue. The baggage cannot be left back at the airport as it does not take responsibility for anyone’s luggage.

Through this facility, we hope to offer the best solution to an age-old problem and further enhance the customer experience offered by DTDC. We are also thankful to the authorities at Indore Airport and Airport Authority of India for allowing us to extend this facility to the passengers from within their premises. It will be a huge achievement for us if we are able to take the excess baggage burden off the fliers’ backs, and ensure they have a truly worry-free journey!”