SAHAS Softech partners with Farsoon Technologies and Uniontech

SAHAS Softech partners with Farsoon Technologies And Uniontech

SahasSoftech, based in India, provides complete comprehensive services for Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Manufacturing with a team of 35+ and a portfolio of 500+ customers from varied applications.

SAHAS Softech has partnered with FARSOON Technologies for Plastic Laser Sintering (PLS) and with Uniontech for Stereolithography (SLA). SAHAS will be Exclusive partner to both the companies to manage the Application Business Development and After Sales services for the Machines, Materials and Solutions. Sahas along withFarsoon and Uniontech will bring together each expertise of AM industry to a bright future ahead. With technologies of Open Parameter, Open Material capabilities, Farsoon and Uniontech are open for business in India.

Sohrab Kothari, Co-founder, SAHAS Softech said “The future of SLS and SLA 3D Printing technology looks very promising and is the next step to on demand manufacturing. Also Team Farsoon and Team Uniontechdelivers the best technology and after-sales service around the world. With the collaboration of Farsoon and Uniontech, SAHAS plans to cater with the best possible solutions for multiple applications in varied sectors”.

SahasSoftech has extensive experience in AM design, application and service. The cooperation between Farsoon and SAHAS will join hands to bring the open, high-quality and cost-efficient AM solutions to the Indian market. Farsoon believe that’s companies open platform is the most suitable choice for Indian customers.

Vince Zhao, Head of Sales (APAC) of Farsoon Technologies, said: “The application of Additive Manufacturing has been developed for over decades in India market. Just like the rapid economic growth in India, the demand of innovative technologies such as Additive Manufacturing is growing very fast. As one of the most important market for Farsoon’s globalization strategy, I believe India has great potential and will become one of the most active market of AM.”

Additive Manufacturing is the defined term related to the production of parts using methods of delivering materials on a layer by layer basis until the completion of a computer-aided designed (CAD) software programmed part becomes a solid modelled part to be used in end-use applications in many industrial applications such as Aerospace, Medical devices, Automotive, and many Consumer products.

RinnaGu, Overseas Head – (Uniontech) Said “We were searching for an experienced partner in the Indian AM Industry. Looking at SAHAS’s varied application solutions, they suited best as our partners to represent Uniontech in India. India is Developing the fastest in technology since last multiple years. We want to cater with the best technology, Varied material applications and the best cost efficiency to grow the AM Industry faster.”

Additive manufacturing has been flourishing over the last twenty years and is becoming a part of the normal ecosystem for product development and production in the global marketplace.