HostBooks launches integrated accounting software

HostBooks functions as a Multi-Tenant App with Database-per-Tenant exploring the financial responsibilities of each client with much precision for bank reconciliation, transactions, imports and payments, GST returns, TDS filing etc.

Where businesses are concerned, maintaining finances in order is imperative. Not only is it necessary to ensure that invoices are sent out and paid on time, but it helps with forecasting cash flow with detailed financial records critical for taxpayers.However, at the end of the long weary day, business owners don’t aspire to struggle with the bookkeeping and finances of their businesses. Above that, small business owners typically don’t have a lot of time, and saving the time they do have is often their top priority. With the help of HostBooks accounting software, the business owners can easily manage their finances by setting up a workflow that automatically updates all the other accounting information each month or at any required time through an integrated all-in-one application.

HostBooks is one such cloud-based accounting software which is built for entrepreneurs to help them monitor their trade from anywhere on any range of devices. By providing automated solutions for accounting, HostBooks help businesspeople transform and streamline their processes and operations. It seamlessly couples core finance and accounting functions with strong compliance management which tremendously improves the company’s performance while reducing back-office costs.

The integrated All-in-One cloud-based accounting software enables users to maintain Accounting, Tax, GST, TDS, E-Way Bill and Payroll records through a single click filing service. The software provides with complete solutions regarding GST concerns such as GST return filing, GST Bill Preparation, mismatch reconciliations, penalties and interests can be done through HostBooks.

Multi-tenancy is such a feature in which a single instance of a software application serves multiple customers where each customer is called a tenant.The software is able to store data from multiple separate tenants (with an inbuilt mechanism to protect data privacy). This software with multi-tenancy support build in the AWS (Amazon Web Service) cloud is able to provide services for multiple customers with separate accounts. Hence, there is no need to set up individual instances of the software for each user.

CA Biswajit Mishra, the Chief Development Officer, (CDO) at HostBooks says “The specialized software designed and created by HostBooks provides helpful accounting solutions that clients can access whenever they want for different areas of business and make preferable financial decisions throughout the year.The software is furnished with Multi-tenant technology implying a centralized administration through a common code-based application where the confidential data for each tenant is secured from the rest.”