Consumers pay nearly 8 times more than the original cost of product – Rahi Jain.



IndiaRush was launched with the mission of providing designer clothes and accessories at affordable rates to the end users. Understanding the dynamics of the business, Rahi Jain along with his wife Arti started a women’s clothing and accessories platform that provides products that are hard to source and are mostly unavailable on other platforms.

Team NewsBarons connected with Rahi Jain, CEO and Co-founder of IndiaRush to understand their business model and growth aspirations.

NB: What prompted you to launch IndiaRush?

Rahi: IndiaRush was designed to provide its customers with direct delivery of products from the manufacturer thereby reducing the involvement of resellers and offering a lower price than any other online marketplace. Our experience and learning’s showed that consumers end up paying nearly 8 times more than the original cost of the product. Our effort was to create a delivery mechanism that provided latest fashions at affordable costs.

NB: Please explain the working of IndiaRush?

Rahi: IndiaRush focuses on women’s clothing and accessories. We source hard to find designs directly from the designers and manufacturers and set margins that are easily affordable by our consumers. We have also launched our own label ‘Inddori’ to improve our product offerings and today this brand alone generates over 20% of our total sales.

Rahi Jain, CEO and Co-founder of IndiaRush
Rahi Jain, CEO and Co-founder of IndiaRush

NB: Are you looking at launching product offering for men and children too?

Rahi: At present, we have no plans to launch a segment for men and children clothing or accessories.

NB: You have strong competition that is well funded? How do you compete with them?

Rahi: At IndiaRush, we try and control our expenses to the minimum and at the same time keep improving our offerings at prices that are lesser than other online platforms. We have in-house expertise across all important departments and all decisions are based on present cost of operations and future implications.

NB: What is your user base and geographical strength? What are your expansion plans?

Rahi: We have pan India presence except certain regions in Northern India. We have strong plans in place to connect these regions in our service areas by 2018.

NB: Are looking at raising funds? Where do you intend to utilize it?

Rahi: We are at present a bootstrapped entity. We will be looking at raising funds in the near future and will utilize it to further improve our product offerings, brand marketing and geographical reach.

NB: How do you wish to capitalize on the exponentially growing smart phone users in the country?

Rahi: India has over 300 million smartphone users and nearly 80% of all sales are through our mobile apps. We have the lightest app in our segment that provides seamless shopping experience. It is our constant endeavour to improve our reach to consumers across the country and we have deployed funds towards digital marketing to improve our presence across our target audience.