Bolo Indya raises Pre-Series A funding

Bolo Indya is a short form video based knowledge network, allowing users to create, discover and consume content across interest areas in their local languages.

On the mission to raise the bar of vernacular content and unleash the actual power of internet to next billion Indians, Bolo Indya aims to change the way vernacular digital content is created and consumed.

Short Form video based Knowledge Sharing Platform in Local Indian Languages, Bolo Indya has raised an undisclosed amount of Pre-Series A Investment through ah! Ventures angel platform.

Currently providing short knowledge videos in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu; Bolo Indya plans to use the raised funds to expand to multiple languages, introduce new forms of short video creation, develop language communities and scale up the user base.

Launched officially in May 2019 (after a 9 month long beta version) by Varun Saxena, alumnus of NITIE Mumbai, Bolo Indya is a user generated content driven knowledge sharing community for language internet users of India. Bolo Indya allows users to create and consume short videos of maximum duration 70 seconds across interest areas ranging from Life & Relationships to Career to Motivation to Finance to Technology to Sports and many more. Users can interact with content creators as well as others who share similar interests within the same language.

Varun Saxena, Founder, Bolo Indya, said “We are on the mission to raise the bar of vernacular content and create a destination for everyone who wishes to share or consume knowledge in local language. We aim to add value to the next billion internet users of India by providing them a contextual meaning to leverage the power of internet, beyond just entertainment and news.”

Over 600 video bytes are being contributed daily across 3 languages, with average completion rate of video byte play standing at 93%, and daily average time spent being over 13 minutes per day. More than 30 lakh hours of content has been consumed since the launch. Content Creators on Bolo Indya can earn upto INR 6000 for every 60 minutes of content contributed, based on its quality and popularity among the users.

“We aim to create a daily use case for vernacular content consumers, where they realize how internet can help them grow personally and professionally with the power of content and community. We are moving aggressively towards taking atleast 1 of the 4 hours these users spend daily on internet by March 2020, with MAU of over 1 million.” added Varun.

“Bolo Indya is solving for the knowledge and information needs of vernacular users through a unique platform that has a short video first approach, organically growing a strong community of creators and consumers, and 100% platform-originated content. We are excited to be the part of this journey” says Abhijeet Kumar, Co-Founding Partner, ah! Ventures.

There is a shift in the behaviour pattern of YouTube and Google searches for information in form of trustworthy and easy to consume video formats for knowledge. This is where Bolo Indya aims to serve the users through supply of structured content, with ease of creation, discoverability and consumption helps us work towards building a product which shall be appreciated by the next billion internet users of Bharat.