Are you into online business? Take a look at these free online marketing tools

Online Marketing in today’s time is the most effective and widely used digital technology for promoting and marketing your product(s)/business to a massive audience in no time over Internet.

So, why not give a boost to your business by considering some key focus areas of online marketing that will give your business reach beyond imagination. Let’s quickly take a look at them.


www.newsbarons.comIt is your website or the blog which marks your presence in online marketing. The captivating your blog/website is, the more strong and positive impression your brand will make amongst the customers. Believe it or not, but it is worth mentioning that your blog/website tells the viewers about your seriousness in business. A very important factor that needs to be taken care of is to make your website user friendly, it should be mobile responsive, quick with seamless navigation so that users feel the convenient accessing.

Social Media Platforms

The result-oriented and most fascinating online marketing area that needs the most of your attention is social media. By the means of social media platforms, you are not just promoting your business and blogs on different channels but also building relationships with your clients. In simple terms, if you want to drive more traffic to your website, enhance your brand awareness, advertise and market your brand, then the best area to focus on to is social media.

Content Marketing

Yes, a very important aspect without which online marketing seems incomplete. It is the content which the asset to adding to your brand value. Be it through blog posts, news article, eBooks, video graphics, etc. it the content marketing which well executed will be the biggest factor for building trust and attracting your target audience. Make sure your content is well written else the result will not be satisfactory.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics to like analyzing and understanding your target customer pretty well in order to understand what type of strategy you actually need to follow. It’s an amazing tool to predict what type of products/services he should be using in accordance to the needs of your customers. And so, it is an important area worth to be considered.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Want to increase your organic traffic, Google search rankings and website visibility, then SEO is something you should look forward to. SEO can thus be defined as the way of optimizing your website and web content correctly so that it is easily reachable to the target users over internet. If you want to be ahead in competition where there are many businesses just like yours than you need to offer rich content through your highly optimized website to the internautes always searching something unique.

There are number of free tools for SEO Analysis available online, a few of them we will be discussing here:


The free browser extension, MozBar is a free SEO toolbar on your site which helps you with instant metrics. You can use it as an SEO Keyword Checker or as a tool to access and compare important metrics like the Domain Authority Ranking, a quality check measure for your or other’s websites.

Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a free Google Ads tool for new or experienced users. It helps you choose the competitive bids or budget. One can very well use it to search for keywords or check how a keyword might perform. So, take the help of Keyword planner to research keywords and to get the traffic forecast for your website.


It is another tool to improve your SEO and cover the best marketing strategy. One stop solution to on-page SEO, crawl errors, speed analysis and security issues. Get going with alexa for your site audit.

Have you ever noticed ‘promotion’ written next to posts while scrolling through Instagram and Facebook and the word “Ad’ on Google search results? Yes, these are the paid advertisements, businesses have literally paid a hefty amount for that spot. The customer journey has shifted to digital and so the businesses, large or small need to respond in accordance. Therefore, companies are scrambling to place their products/brands at visible spots.

Facebook Advertising

For engaging a maximum number of audiences, Facebook allows the display of both texts and images on your ad. Determining how much you want to pay per click, you are able to target the audience based on your segmentation. When it comes to paid advertising, facebook is the best option to look forward to.

Instagram Advertising

It uses Facebook manager as well, so it’s just like a second step to paid social advertising along with Facebook. Instagram Stories Ads and Instagram Video Ads are in vogue now-a-days. More viewers are fascinated with these formats than just the standard images.

Google Ads

Google Guru is the destination for most of the searches seeking information. So, why not make your Ad appear the moment anybody searches for the product/service that is provided by you? Just pay per click for your Ad and let Google do the work for you and turn people to your valuable customers.

We have been hearing the word AdSense from quite some time. So, what is the difference between Google Ads and Google


When you think of Google advertising, the picture that comes to the mind is the text ads that show up at the top of the search results. But Google has something else to offer to its users now, the Google AdSense.

AdSense is a great option to make a lot of money online through costs per click criteria. Based on the content and the types of visitors, it works by matching texts and displaying ads to your site. Thereby the ads are created and paid for by the advertisers willing to promote their products online.

So, one can very well make out the importance of these elements in growing your business in the prevailing era of e-commerce where all the business is dominated by how well you are able to advertise and present your product/brand to the people online searching for products/services you are offering.

Now the question is, why not start consider the importance of these free tools and start using them for your online business and see the magic they bring to your business. The new customers expect many different ways of product presentation from you and you have to match the level so that you don’t lack behind in the digital race.

Fasten your seatbelt and discover all new aspects and free tools to boost your business online.

[This is an authored article by Gautam Madhavan, Founder and CEO at Mad Influence, an Influencer Marketing Platform working with over 10000+ Influencers across India. All views, opinions and expressions are personal and limited to the author.]