Steelbird expands capacity to manufacture 44500 helmets per day

With an investment of over INR 150 crore, the plant will have soon have a total of 6,00,000 Lac square feet built up area and is expected to be ready by August 2019.

Steelbird Hi-tech India Limited, Asia’s largest helmet manufacturer, is all set to expand its manufacturing capacity with the expansion of its state of art plant in Baddi. It will soon be equipped to manufacture 44,500 helmets per day. It will help meet the growing market demand of helmets and add to the company’s growth story which is growing at 22% CAGR.

Commenting on the expansion of the Baddi plant, Rajeev Kapur, MD, Steelbird Helmets, said “We are investing in the plant considering 300 thousand people are dying on the road in our country as per reports by WHO; but according to us over one million people die in the road accidents because in many of the states and districts in our country, there is no traffic police & many of the accidents are not reported. If we check the data with the insurance companies, the data is much more.

Our New Government & the ministry are doing a lot of work towards road safety. Road safety has become a very important concern in our country because so many fatalities are occurring and the government is putting a lot of efforts to save human lives. And this move is in sync with the government’s effort to save lives.”

Devoted to the research, development and manufacturing of high-technology and meeting safety concerns of the riders, Steelbird has already made a move in this direction. The company has bought 15600 square meters of new land adjoining to the existing plants.

The expansion of the state of art plant in Baddi will further boost the company’s presence worldwide. With an investment of over 150 crore, the plant will be equipped with the sector’s latest technology. It will help company to expand its product portfolio and add more models to the existing one. Also, it plans to cover entire spectrum of customer from low to premium.

The plants will have soon have a total of 6,00,000 Lac square feet built up area and is expected to be ready by August 2019. The plants will have an average production capacity of manufacturing 44,500 helmets a day and will add nearly 2500 new jobs in the Baddi Himachal Pradesh region.

“Helmet is not a simple & easy product, but is surely a difficult one. Manufacturing helmets needs huge investments as it is a voluminous product. Moreover, Helmet is a technology product as well as a labour oriented product.

Besides, considering Non ISI helmets will soon be banned in India because producing and selling of Non ISI & fake helmets is just like producing fake medicines. Approximately 200 thousand ISI helmets will need to be manufactures annually once this ban takes place, and we are gearing up for the same” said Mr. Kapur

Also with motor vehicle act all two wheeler manufacturers have to provide helmet while the purchase of a new two wheeler, all state Governments will enforce this law phase wise, like Tamil Nadu has already done it, and Steelbird is hopeful that all the State Governments will enforce this law and consequently the market of the helmet will boost many folds.

“Currently the helmet is mandatory Pan India but the law is enforced only in Delhi, Chandigarh & Jaipur. Soon Government will make helmet mandatory and enforce the law Pan India; this will lead to an incredible demand in the market. The total demand of ISI helmets in India will be 100 Million helmets annually.

The expansion of the plant will enable further growth for the company tapping on new opportunity. We will not only be improving company’s helmet offerings but also reinforcing our commitment to bring more advanced and innovative products which are at par with international standards” added Mr. Kapur