FLO takes up Bee Keeping training for women farmers

FICCI Ladies Organisation

In Indian per capita consumption of honey was estimated to about 8.4 grams, while other countries, it was 200 grams.

FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO), Hyderabad Chapter, embarked on a unique and much-needed women empowerment program, Bee Keeping Training”

The five-day training program was initiated by FLO Hyderabad Chapter as their Skilling Initiative aligning with the national vision of bringing more women farmers in Agriculture. They got trained under Mr Ramakrishna and his four-member team arranged by Training Institute Khadi Gramodyog Maha Vidyalaya. It was held from 23rd to 27th September at Community Hall at Chilkuar in the city. 32 women farmers have gone through the training program at Community Hall in Chilkur at Hyderabad. Besides Bee Keep Training, the women farmers were also trained in different aspects of business and how to do business. This is the only of its kind of a training program ever organised on the subject in the surroundings of Hyderabad.

Bee keeping training is being done for five days. Another 100 women from different mandals are also being considered for the training program in the next three months. Cost of the training programs, resource persons, everything is met by FLO informed Sona Chatwani.

We are working on government subsidies to provide free bee boxes with queen bee informed Sona Chatwani, Chairperson of FLO Hyderabad Chapter. They cost around Rs 7000 to 8000/-

Meanwhile the FLO team approached Hotel Radisson Blu, who are very happy to take the produce for two of its branches in the city and requested to submit pouches of 10 grams with FSSAI approval. Hotel has also further given five leads of different hotels to supply the products

Training program concluded with handing over participation certificates. Sarpanch and the rest of the villagers are keen to get these ladies open the unit as a cluster. N.Ravi Kumar, Principal of KHADI GRAMODYOG MAHA VIDYALAYA, Rajendra Nagar also graced the closing function.

FLO has requested Khadi Gramodyog Maha Vidyala to get the bee boxes in association with Centre at a subsidy.

We are also encouraging women in beehive rearing. One of our members has come forward to help us take up this project including making available some 3 acre land for the project shared by Sona. Village women farmers can easily set up Bee Farming Unit as the capital involved is just rupees one lakh only. The Bee Box costs Rs 7000 to 8000/-

Beekeeping is being carried out across generations in India. It plays a vital role in the livelihoods of the rural communities in four different dynamics:

1. It is an income-generating activity
2. Medicinal & food value of honey and other hive products is invaluable
3. It supports agricultural activities through cross-pollination, and
4. It contributes immensely to forest and agriculture conservation efforts.

In Indian per capita consumption of honey was estimated to about 8.4 grams, while other countries, it was 200 grams, presently, In India, honey is consumed mainly as medicine and religious purposes. A small amount is used in pickles, jams and preserves. A large amount is consumed in Ayurveda pharmaceuticals. Now with the increasing production, there is an increasing trend to use honey in food.

More than 50 major Honey producing plants species are found plenty throughout the country round the year available for 6 months, minor honey flow for 3 months. It is now realized that beekeeping has great importance in the agriculture-based economy,

FICCI FLO Hyderabad’s Agriculture initiative committee in line with its national initiative is also planning to work with Tribals near Tandur for Custard Apple Farming and Storage. Custard Apples have a very short shelf life. We will help farmers produce these fruits and make them available all through the year informed FLO. We will be working on this project for a year, Sona added.

Radha rani, Sujini dundoo, Neha Singh Flo agriculture committee members are working a way forward to make it a successful business venture for these ladies.