RBI Monetary Policy: Industry Outlook

Rate cut will spur home buyers in taking a decision: Tushad Dubash, Duville Estates

The earlier rate cut broke the deadlock, this one should provide further momentum given the timing of Gudi Padwa being around the corner. We hope that this will spur home buyers in taking a decision. There seems to be a definite buoyancy in the market given the regulatory changes of lower GST and higher velocity in terms of offtake over the last quarter which we hope will carry onwards into the first quarter of this financial year. Further the rate cut is also expected to help boost money supply into the market which will help create a positive environment for the industry.

Reducing interest rate is required for overall growth of the economy: Vijay Mansukhani, Mirc Electronics Ltd.

Reducing interest rate is much need for the overall growth of the economy. Stable currency, crude oil prices coupled with reducing interest rate regime are going to drive Indian economy. The reduced interest rates will also drive consumption lead economic growth. As a consumer durables brand we are going to be benefited because of reduced interest rate regime as this would put more surplus cash in the hands of consumers.

Rate cut would be effective only if Banks pass it to customers: Vinod Ramnani, Opto Circuits India

RBI rate cut is welcome move and is on the expected lines. Having said that, reducing interest rates will make lots of projects viable. This will encourage private spending across Industries. Private spending by corporates coupled with Government spending and consumption will drive the economy.

This rate cut would be effective only if Banks pass on to its customers.