SmartOwner launches Portfolio Management Services

SmartOwner Portfolio Management Services

SEBI-registered strategic opportunities in exclusive real estate assets.

SmartOwner, India’s leading property investment firm, launches SmartOwner Portfolio Management Services, a SEBI-registered real estate investment that combines regular cash flows with the attractive growth potential. By carefully selecting the most lucrative assets across the fastest growing sectors of real estate, this diversified portfolio is structured to deliver maximum profitability and superior risk mitigation. Strong cash flows from the quick deployment of capital through a ready pipeline of projects further enhance the returns from this exclusive opportunity.

“Portfolio Management Services offer investors the chance to profit from the sort of high-return assets that used to be the exclusive domain of institutions. With total PMS assets under management more than doubling from Rs.6.04 to Rs.13.7 lakh crore in just 5 years, this has become one of the preferred ways for investors to profit from exclusive real estate opportunities. We are very excited about this launch, having brought our deep domain expertise to create an industry-beating product” said Vikram Chari, Chairman and CEO of SmartOwner.

Strong projected growth in co-working, commercial and residential real estate markets, high current inflation-adjusted returns, and deeply-discounted opportunities after RERA, have created a uniquely profitable time to invest in Indian real estate. By combining the growth potential of the best opportunities across asset classes and locations, SmartOwner’s Portfolio Management Service offers a way to profit from the fastest-growing sectors of Indian real estate, offering high hurdle rates of 18% on a minimum investment of Rs.25 Lakhs.

SmartOwner is one of Asia’s leading property investment management firms.