Shadowfax partners with Vinculum

Shadowfax has partnered with Vinculum for cutting edge Warehouse Management System.


• This partnership will lead to a delightful End to End (E2E) customer experience with assured same day and next day deliveries
• Warehousing space to grow from 5 lac Sq. feet to 12 lac sq. ft. with 50 new centers in India by March 22
• Warehousing space to be utilized for multi-tenant warehousing and dark store operations
• Shadowfax expects growth of more than 30% month-on-month with this partnership

Shadowfax Technologies, the leading integrated 3PL services provider today announced its partnership with Vinculum, a Gartner Magic Quadrant winner for WMS 2017-20 to foray into Warehouse Management System across 10 centers to offer E2E services. This partnership will address the growing demand in the E2E category by offering end-to-end services across multiple industry segments like e-commerce, apparel, consumer electronics, auto, etc. Shadowfax plans to set up 50 more centers leading the warehousing space to grow from 5lac Sq. feet to 12 lac sq. ft. by March 22.

Shadowfax is the fastest-growing plug-and-play logistics solutions provider and with the launch of E2E service, the company is set to offer enterprises of all sizes a one-stop-shop set up for E2E logistics, space for storing inventory, deliveries with a state-of-art dashboard for tracking and monitoring of inventories as well as orders. Shadowfax offers two kinds of warehousing facilities, big-box warehousing catering to clients who require pan India reach with space more than 10,000 sq ft and dark stores with same day and next day intracity deliveries with space requirement between 1,000 – 10,000 sq ft. The company with its feature-rich, immersive and deep integration along with Vinculum system will deliver the best experience in warehousing and logistics with live order tracking and ready-to-set up SoPs. With this launch, brands can promise their customers’ same-day and next-day deliveries. Quick delivery is one such trend that proves that enterprises have already hopped in the race of saving customer’s time and enhancing customer delight with D2C Model.

Abhishek Bansal, Founder and CEO, Shadowfax Technologies said “Vinculum is an established player in the WMS space. Our partnership will bring a differentiated offering for enterprises and bring them a host of benefits and features backed by solid technology and people. Speed of delivery and customer satisfaction are the two important features that Shadowfax is focusing on to stay ahead of the competition. Integrated software from Vinculum for picking, packing, and shipping from a central warehouse management platform will bring the fulfillment speed to Shadowfax E2E services provided to our clients reaching their customers swiftly, securely with real-time inventory monitoring.”

Venkat Nott, Founder and CEO of Vinculum said “Buyer behavior has shifted to shopping across multiple online and social channels. Online revenues have moved to over 30% of overall retail revenues and expected to continue growing at a frenetic pace. Brands need to be available in channels where customers shop and are looking to fulfill from all locations where inventory is present including making inventory available with distributors for fulfillment of online orders and deliver direct to consumer. This forces brands to adopt cutting-edge technology platforms like Vinculum and fulfillment options that can best serve the customers’ demands. At Vinculum, we take pride in building that experience for brands either through our modular solutions or through our network of handpicked partners. Shadowfax is a key partnership in this direction. Our combined strengths will lead to better services & efficiency in the logistics & supply chain operations for brands and help them scale faster.”