MyMobiForce launches AI based crowd sourcing platform

MyMobiForce crowd sourcing platform


MyMobiforce is currently handling more than 60,000 transactions every Month through a 10,000+ talent pool.

To create a customer delight, crowd-sourcing startup MyMobiforce has launched an AI- based platform for on-demand field service. The company is leveraging IOT and Crowd sourcing to deliver proactive field service. This leading single platform helps in sourcing, engaging, and managing a company’s on-site and on-demand workforce. It aims to disrupt the freelance economy in India & manage work across all types of talent from a single platform.

This platform helps the brands to take judicious decision about which service calls can be planned to utilize their technicians’ schedules and which service calls need to be serviced by contingent workforce to deliver better, faster and cost-effective service. By using an on-demand workforce, companies can react to customer requests more efficiently. With workforce as a service model, companies can save money as they are able to scale up their services fast without investing in hiring and training of new full-time employees.

The brands can expand their business without worrying much about service operations, hence, generating business for the service partners. Huge amount of field service calls are generated through the billions of connected devices thereby, preparing brands to handle this dynamic flow of service calls. Crowd-sourcing is emerging to be the best fit solution for the emerging trend of gig-economy around field operation for various industries

Dheeraj Khatter, Co-Founder, MyMobiforce informed “Today companies face several challenges to meet the dynamic nature of demand and Supply when It comes to field Operations. Our aim is to create an IOT based Crowdsourcing Ecosystem so that Businesses can respond faster to any incident though proactive handling and access to technology driven on-Demand workforce.

He further added that our focus is to build a quality Talent ecosystem around various Technical & Digital services. We are focusing on to build a strong Price Insight Engine so that our Clients should end up in paying a right price for the expected job.

MyMobiforce is currently handling more than 60,000 transactions every Month through a 10,000+ talent pool.

Having flexible workforce means providing customer service that is not only quicker and flexible, but also skilled workforce empowered with Mobile App can help businesses with real-time field Visibility, ETA and an increase in first-time fix rates. Our Blended workforce management platform aims to bring all the workforce (Fixed Team, Third Party Vendors & contingent workforce) on one Integrated Platform. Through Integration with existing CRMs like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamic CRM we are aiming to create a seamless experience for companies to leverage crowd-sourcing.