HYPE partners with CRED

HYPE luxury car rentals

Offers redeemable gift cards worth INR 5000 to CRED users booking Hype Luxury Cars.

Hype–Luxury Car Rentals, India’s First Luxury Mobility startup headquartered in Bangalore, has partnered with CRED, the initiative of Kunal Shah, founder of FreeCharge. The tie-up offers exciting deal to all premium CRED users, who can avail Rs.5000 off on any car rental while booking luxury cars from Hype – Luxury Car Rentals, once they burn 50,000 CRED coins on the CRED App.

The discerning customer can select locations, the type of ride – self-drive, chauffeur driven, select the choice of cars, and enter the dates and time along with the address for the car to report. This offer is Valid until Sep 30 2019 as of now and may get extended.

Since both Hype and CRED cater to the elite and premium customer base this target driven approach would help customers engage on platforms that offer similar services.

Raghav Belavadi, Founder & CEO, Hype Car Rental said “Hype–Luxury Cars is very happy to formulate this long lasting partnership with CRED. The offer is an extension of the ideologue that both organizations stand for i.e., ‘Luxury Moves You, Literally’. The offer will greatly be appreciated by those who enjoy the fine luxuries of life and have a taste for bespoke, exquisite services being offered by Hype–Luxury Car Rentals”.

The tie-up is unique as it brings tailor made services that Hype–Luxury Cars has to offer to the customers who have the bandwidth and are part of an exclusive member’s only club that rewards individuals for their timely credit card bill payments by providing them with exclusive offers and access to premium experiences. The mobility trends are fast evolving and the need for luxury vehicles is ever increasing, considering the focus on shared mobility, this strategic partnership will go a long way in ascertaining greater returns and business value proposition for those who seek opulence and greater levels of serviceability.

Hype is revolutionizing the Luxury Mobility space of the country and is operational in 7 cities in India with over 2800 cars.