Canvs partners with Drip Capital

Canvs partners Drip Capital

Canvs is an online community of over 10,000 designers that offers Design-as-a-service to firms looking to fulfill their product design needs.

Canvs – the leading community of designers in India, has entered into a partnership with trade finance firm Drip Capital to provide design and technological solutions to the firm. Canvs, with its team of distributed designers and product managers, redesigned the entire Seller Portal for Drip Capital – enabling Sellers on the platform to create & manage their Invoices & Limits, while using the Passbook to track their cash flow. Drip Capital operates in the International Trade Finance space, providing advances against Trade Receivables within 24 hours, in an entirely paperless process.

After having years of expertise in the fintech sector, Canvs has yet again tied up with a fintech client to fulfil their digital needs. Canvs believes that it is imperative to have a more thoughtful brand architecture, user interface and user experience in this ever-changing dynamic market scenario.

“Designing for the financial services industry is never easy. Between complicated user requirements, strict regulations, decades of best practices & the need to present dense financial information in an intuitive manner – designing for BFSI requires a very particular skill set. Canvs provides design-as-a-service to the sector, by building bespoke solutions, injecting design thinking along with the necessary domain expertise into the process of Product Design. This ensures we manage to deliver complex products not only in time and within budgets, but also ensure the products we design fulfill the needs of our clients and partners.” said Debprotim Roy, Founder & CEO, Canvs.

Rahul Sheth, Product Head, Drip Capital said “Canvs helped us fill an important gap at the right time. They did a great job considering the limited context & remote setting. We had a great working relationship, good processes in place along with great response time and project management. It was a pleasure working with Canvs.”

Canvs has lately worked with brands in sectors such as Edu-tech and healthcare and are constantly looking to explore the market. With a plethora of designers and artists on their platform, the emphasis is laid on seamless user flow with a clean, intuitive visual design, prioritizing ease of access to critical functionality. Canvs is slowly and steadily bringing in a developmental revolution in designing space.