MultiLiving launches Propel app

MultiLiving was recently invested in by Tomorrow Capital, a consumer business-focused Venture Capital Fund.

MultiLiving, India’s first residential real estate technology platform, has launched Propel, an app designed to provide hassle-free end-to-end residential property and tenancy management services. The services range from tenant acquisition, tenancy management, documentation & contract management, maintenance support and supervision and quarterly inspections to protect and improve the value of the residential asset.

On the white-space opportunity of Propel, Pankaj Singh, Founder & CEO, MultiLiving Technologies explained “While land appreciates, building depreciates over time. Maintaining the asset value of residential property has always been difficult and cumbersome for homeowners. Finding good tenants, managing the documentation and the tenancy is a challenge for residential property owners. Also, from plumbing to wiring, painting to structural repairs, a homeowner has neither the complete knowledge nor network of good service providers for the upkeep of all aspects of the property. Propel solves these universal problems, with complete convenience to the homeowner. It has all aspects of tenancy and property management under a single umbrella.”

Pankaj Singh added on the need for the app and averred “In a Covid impacted world, residential property owners have been severely affected by not being able to find tenants, lower rentals, and poor upkeep of the property leading to asset value and revenue leakage. Propel’s quarterly home audits, a 75+ pointer comprehensive home survey report, gives owners an opportunity to take timely action for maintenance helping restore the health of the home infrastructure like electricals, drainage, structure among others, much before these problems cause extreme damage to the residence. Such audits and early corrections allow the homeowner to get better payouts from tenancy or resale of the property. Further, the required property services are provided by a set of pre-verified, trained, blue-collared service providers who are a part of the Propel ecosystem, eliminating the pain of the home asset owner of finding, verifying, and negotiating with such vendors.”

The app is free-to-download and is available in Android and iOS formats.