Cyient wins United Nation’s Best Innovative Practices Award

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Cyient wins the prestigious Best Innovative Practices Award for ‘Women at Workplace’ at United Nation Global Compact Network India’s (UNGCNI) 2nd Gender Equality Summit 2019

Cyient, a global provider of engineering, manufacturing, geospatial, networks, digital, and operations management solutions to global industry leaders, recently won the prestigious Best Innovative Practices Award for ‘Women at Workplace’ at United Nation Global Compact Network India’s (UNGCNI) 2nd Gender Equality Summit 2019. The central theme of the Summit was “Preparing Women for the Future of the Work”. The agenda of the Gender Equality Summit 2019 was to develop a strong India roadmap towards gender equality by discussing the skill sets, leadership and guidance to enable women to emerge as equal participants in the workforce across the formal and informal sectors.

Cyient was bestowed with the honor for their consistent and pertinent efforts at ensuring a positive and secure workplace environment for women. Some of the key differentiators for receiving the awards were – the flexible working environment and benefits led to the return of 93% employees from maternity leave; with the help of Focused leadership and mentoring programmes, 43% of women graduating from Leadership programmes were recipient of internal awards and recognitions and child education initiatives from Cyient Foundation has led to a ratio of 56% girls in Cyient adopted schools. With further ongoing initiatives like effective implementation of POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment), maternity benefits and investment in infrastructure and equipment support, Cyient stood out distinctively in all the parameters laid out for the award. Also, Cyient is the only company from Telangana and AP to win this award this year.

The summit was organized in the backdrop of the increasing conversation around the safety of women in workplaces and a need to undertake corrective actions. This year’s theme – ‘Preparing women for the future of work’ was chosen keeping in sync with the UN Sustainable Development Goals that target creating the most conducive work environment for them. It looked at solutions as to how the Governments, private sector, not-for-profits and communities at large can contribute towards creating an ambience around safe and inclusive workplace for women. The Summit marked presence of eminent leaders like Amitabh Kant, CEO, NITI Aayog, Vaishali Sinha, Chair GES 2019 Chief Sustainability, CSR & Communication Officer, Renew Power amongst others.

The objective of the Best Innovative Practices Awards was to acknowledge holistic practices at the workplace which lead to the empowerment of women in terms of their growth, representation and participation. UN does not believe in the ranking order and therefore all the leading organizations were felicitated as equals.

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