Asahi India Glass Ltd. Announces Commencement of Commercial Production at their Taloja Float Glass Plant


AIS Taloja Float Glass Plant, Navi Mumbai: In a move aimed at further strengthening the position of Asahi India Glass (AIS) as India’s leading value-added and integrated glass company, AIS is all set to commence production at the Company’s Taloja plant.

Along with the Company’s fifth auto glass plant in Gujarat, the AIS Taloja plant will further add to the scale and flexibility of AIS in providing seamless supplies to customers in the architectural and auto segments, which includes all leading automotive OEMS.

Very extensive and highly modernised new float glass plant equipped with the latest in glass manufacturing technology, the Taloja Plant will have the capability to produce high-quality value-added glass for both, the architectural and the automotive glass segments, with an installed capacity to manufacture 550 tonnes of glass per day.

Mr. Sanjay Labroo and Mr. Masahiro Takeda at AIS Taloja Float Glass Plant Launch


Speaking about the plant, Mr. Sanjay Labroo, MD & CEO, Asahi India Glass (AIS) said, “The Taloja Pant will not only increase our capacity by approx. 60% but it will have the ability to make the highest grades of glass for the architectural market directly, and for value-added purposes like mirroring, hard-coating, soft-coating and high-level processing. Most importantly, it will have the capability to make the highest standards of automotive raw glass giving AIS 100% capability to make our own automotive glass.”

Mr. Sanjay Ganjoo COO, Architectural Glass, AIS, adds, “This initiative will further strengthen our competitiveness in both the architectural and automotive glass value chain, helping consolidate AIS’s position as India’s leading integrated glass company.”

The formal inauguration of the Taloja Plant will be held on 9th November and will be attended by Mr. Masahiro Takeda, Regional President – Asia Pacific, Building & Industrial Glass, Asahi Glass Co. (AGC), along with Mr. Sanjay Labroo, MD & CEO, Asahi India Glass Ltd (AIS), Mr. Sanjay Ganjoo COO, Architectural Glass, AIS, along with other senior management members.