AlmaBetter allocates INR 2 crore fund to train data scientists

AlmaBetter allocates INR 2 crore fund to train data scientist

A certain percentage of the INR 2 crore fund will also go towards scholarships based on merit, financial aid, paraphernalia like laptops and wifi connections towards students’ benefit.


• 2 lakh + student applications by next March
• Risk free education addressing the job crunch amid the pandemic

Given the pandemic and the increased threat of automation in the IT job market, AlmaBetter, a community and cohort based data science e-learning platform has allocated INR 2 crore fund to encourage aspiring data science candidates. The company will train 25000 data scientists by March 2022 readying them for employment. The platform provides risk free education to upskill aspirants, making them job ready and guaranteeing placements addressing the job crunch in the space at minimum of INR 6 lac per annum.

With 2 lac applicants by 2022, the company will train 25000 data science aspirants in lieu of the 1,10,000 vacancies in the sector today. The company records 70% of students being placed before the completion of their program.

Hailing from IITs, the founders, Shivam Dutta and Vikash Srivastava have worked with some of the most reputed brands in the country, providing cutting-edge solutions in ML and AI space.

Shivam Dutta, co-founder, AlmaBetter informed “Financial risk associated with upskilling programs is a major concern among the Indian youth especially during the current pandemic. The risk free and guaranteed placement model will enable aspirants to build a tangible career and in turn a robust ecosystem for data science.”

With reference to the threat to the IT job market, he further adds “With increased AI/ML powered automation, the job crunch in the industry will further heighten, making upskilling in data science a necessity to survive in the IT job market.”

The school offers two tracks, Pro and Premium. They have a novel learning framework powered by AI, called ‘Competency Based Learning’ which ensures personalized learning with guaranteed learning outcomes. They also provide community based learning activities, cohort based learning activities and live sessions for the students.

AlmaBetter’s curriculum is designed considering industry relevance and usage of concepts and tools in the data science domain. Furthermore, the students are edified by instructors hailing from premiere institutions and fortune 500 companies. By employing innovative and easy-to-grasp methods involving experiments, gamifications and real industry projects, they ensure optimal learning outcomes.