Adidas and Aditya Birla top the list of India’s Most Attractive Brands in Hyderabad


Hyderabad choices spruce-up national brands: 158 brands rise by an average of 328+ ranks, and 74 brands fall by -83 ranks compared to All-India


· City choices differs wildly from national preferences. City spruces-up national brands

· Unlike other cities where there are similarities visible – Men & Women’s preferences in Hyderabad differ starkly

India’s Most Attractive Brands Report 2018 (MAB 2018), in its fifth edition, has listed the country’s Most Attractive 1000 brands by consumer choices, based on TRA’s proprietary model of Brand Attractiveness. The study is an annual syndicated primary research conducted with 2500 consumer-influencers across 16 Indian cities. Consumers of Hyderabad have ranked Adidas as the Most Attractive brand in the city, ranked 33rd All-India. City’s 2nd choice is Aditya Birla Group (All-India rank 871st), and Ashok Leyland at 3rd (All-India rank 616th). TRA Research has been scientifically measuring Buying Propensity conducting syndicated research on its’ proprietary matrices of Brand Trust and Brand Attractiveness since 2010. In the All-India Most Attractive Brands list, Samsung mobiles took 1st place, followed by Tata Motors at 2nd and Apple iPhone at 3rd.

Hyderabad has a very unique flavor explained N. Chandramouli, CEO, TRA Research, “Most marketers think of this city as just another Southern city. However, it is very different from any other city in the South as also from rest-of-India. Hyderabad speaks many languages with ease, but with its own distinctiveness. With many having family members abroad, their world exposure is high, but they cannot do without their gongura. Politically aware, internet savvy, ready to explore new things; but when at home, they want their culture and cuisine to be tuned in.”

“Marketers and advertising agencies do a disservice to the brand, the consumer and to the opportunity that resides in the brands by not looking at the city’s consumers with a different lens. The country is an ever-changing landscape of consumer preferences and desires – this has to be understood by brand custodians before spending a brand’s money in communicating to any individual city’s audiences”, Chandramouli added.

Hyderabad consumers show a distinctively higher preference for some brands and the opposite for others. The brands which have gained the highest in this city-of-pearls are Deloitte (ranked 38th in the city, but 1095th All-India), Star India Health Insurance (ranked 142nd in Hyderabad, but 1127th All-India), Essar Oil (ranked 42nd in Hyderabad, but 1012th All-India), Zara (ranked 174th in Hyderabad, but 1134th All-India). 158 brands have risen in ranks in the city by an average of 328+ ranks.

Brands which fall in Hyderabad’s affections are Honda (ranked 226h in Hyderabad, but 10th All-India), Sony TV (ranked 221st in Hyderabad, but 13th All-India), Airtel (ranked 232nd in Hyderabad, but 37th All-

India), Reliance Jio (ranked 197th in the Hyderabad, but 4th All-India) and Vodafone-Idea (ranked 218th in the Hyderabad, but 29th All-India).

This city wears its difference in its attitude. The other brands among the top ten Most Attractive brands in Hyderabad include, 4th ranked Allen Solly (ranked 107th All-India), 5th ranked Bajaj Allianz (ranked 676th All-India), 6th ranked Amaron (ranked 799th All-India), 7th ranked Amazon (ranked 47th All-India). These are followed by American Tourister at 8th, Amul ranked 9th and Andhra Bank ranked 10th.

This city also showed no commonness between choices of genders, and distinct divergences are observable. The preference for the various Categories for the two genders are as under:

· Personal Technology – Men’s 27% > Women’s 7%

· Lighting – Men’s 10% > Women’s 5%

· Only Men show preference for: Private Bank at 13%, PSU Life Insurance at 12%, Telugu Print News & Televisions at 10% each, and Consumer Electronics & Branded Fashion at 9% each.

· Only Women preference for: Diversified at 45%, Mobile Phones at 10%, Watches at 6% each and Cosmetics at 5% each.