Vedic Rishi bridges the gap between Astrology and Technology – Chandan Tiwari

Vedic Rishi is the perfect platform that merges science with art through technology. Vedic Rishi is the only Indian app based solution that provides an API (Application Programming Interface) for astrology services called AstrologyAPI. It helps to get horoscope, prediction, matchmaking and other astrological calculations and report making to a business’s app or website.

An Electronics & Telecom Engineer, Chandan Tiwari belongs to a family of astrologers. He started his technology journey with Tata Consultancy Services and after substantial experience at Tata Consultancy Services, moved on to LRN and soon held the role of a Solution Architect there.

Chandan Launched Vedic Rishi in December 2015 and soon introduced Astrology API, that seamlessly integrated across websites and their apps and this helped the startup to acquire clients like Hindustan times, HelpChat, (Matrimonial), BigMatrimony,, DailyHunt, iZofy, Cosmic Insights, Doppel (Birthday sharing app in NYC), Sandesh (News Media in Gujarat) amongst others with one year of its launch.

Chandan believes that astrology is 75% science and 25% art as one needs to interpret the readings on the basis of their current situation. Team NewsBarons spoke with Chandan Tiwari, an adroit business person with a flexible vision for the technology and astrology industry, about his unique startup and his future plans.

NB: What prompted the integration of astrology with technology?

Chandan: Astrology has been a part of my family history and my love and understanding of technology helped me integrate astrology with the latest technology to connect with a larger audience across the globe. Over the period, my two main observations on the subject were that:
a. Astrology market was unaddressed in terms of technology.
b. Generally, people who were proficient in Astrology were unaware of the latest technologies and vice versa. This gap prevents Astrology guidance reaching to a wider audience and only reaches to a limited set of crowd.
Vedic Rishi bridges this gap between Astrology and technology and we have introduced Kundli and Astrology API to the world.

NB: How authentic or reliable are the technology based predictions?

Chandan: Astrology knowledge is transferred to APIs with calculations and formulas by building algorithms. The astrological algorithms are personalised based on age, gender, place and other behavioural traits to give uniqueness to reports. We also utilise some bits of Machine Learning to correct algorithms and reports based on feedback.

NB: What has been the investment till date?

Chandan: We are currently a revenue driven organisation. As far as investments are concerned we are in talks with Z Nation Lab for the seed funding.

Chandan Tiwari – Founder – Vedic Rishi

NB: You have created a huge market presence in your early stages of startup?

Chandan: We are trying to build our presence in every market apart from astrology and provide them with unique services that address their problems or requirement. Vedic Rishi through Astrology API is looking at clientele in the News & Media, Entertainment and Matrimonial categories by providing them with unique and customised offerings. We are also looking at Western Astrology specific API and content offerings.

NB: Vedic Rishi was amongst the top startups in ZNation Labs Khoj 2016?

Chandan: Vedic Rishi was amongst one of the top selected startups in ZNation Labs 2016. It was an interesting program to be a part of and it has enabled us to fine tune our business further.

NB: How do you compete with other similar service apps?

Chandan: We build different customised APIs based on astrology calculations with authentic content which makes our services more flexible and unique. We are the first ones to provide API for astrological services to various businesses related to diverse domains.

NB: Are looking at raising funds? Where do you intend to utilize it?

Chandan: Yes, we are looking to raise funds. We plan to utilise widely in the areas of:

1. Resourcing
2. Sales & Marketing, and
3. Product Development

NB: How do you wish to capitalize on the exponentially growing smartphone users in the country?

Chandan: We aim to provide astrology guidance to every audience using smartphones with our free astrology app. We have over 3.5 Lacs downloads till date and are continuously growing. We are also adding more unique features for user engagement to our app.

NB: Mission 2020?

Chandan: We have strong plans in place with regards to:

1. Creating a complete eco system for comprehensive astrological solutions and offerings.
2. Unique personalised feature reports like Personalized Spiritual Reports, Yoga and Astrology reports and much more that will give a detailed analysis and other suggestions.
3. One click user integration platform which makes a developer’s job easy to integrate our APIs on their website and app, and
4. Robust and powerful Astrological Platform for both B2B and B2C categories.