Propel is business solutions designed for SME – Hardik Harsora

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Effex has created and designed an easy to understand and implement business management approach that can help the small and medium size business owners tackle everyday problems with ease and design processes that prevent these problems to happen again. They call this approach ‘Propel’. Team NewsBarons spoke with Hardik Harsora, Co- founder of Effex Business Solutions, a management consulting company

NB. How ready in your mind is the Indian SME for concepts of management consulting?

Hardik: Most established business houses among the Indian SME are family run businesses started by forefathers, fathers, and elder brothers. While they have been decently successful to sustain and grow their businesses, with changing markets, stiff competition everywhere and foray by technological advances, it is becoming imperative for SMEs to adopt management consulting concepts. With the decision-making rein coming to the newer generation, we see more openness and in a lot of cases, urgency to adopt mechanisms to streamline operations and continuously improve business processes.

Hardik Harsora

NB. What does Propel specifically help with?

Hardik: Propel is a methodology conceptualized and designed particularly for the Indian SME. Propel is not a one-time solution but an approach to help businesses achieve the following 3 specific areas on an ongoing basis. These are:
– Growth Planning
– Problem Solving
– Performance Management

NB. Why is Propel a differentiator?

Hardik: Propel is a clear differentiator from other quality methodologies primarily because there is no other methodology today which is specially designed for the Indian SME. Methods like Six Sigma, Kaizen and Lean are either data driven or discipline driven; both of which are absent in our Indian SME ways of functioning.

NB. What inspired you to design Propel?

Hardik: We learned by meeting more and more SMEs that what they really needed is for someone to teach them the ‘how’. The toughest part is the implementation of solutions and they were looking for someone to walk the tough journey with them, course correct and help them actually execute what they were taught.
This is the huge gap which the promoter of Effex Business Solutions identified and got inspired to conceptualize and design Propel which ensures ‘implementation’ of solutions by walking alongside the organization and making it happen.

NB. What have been your key challenges so far and how have you overcome them?

Hardik: The most challenging part of the journey is to sustain as an organization in its early days whilst not changing the ethos behind the company.

We knew deep and strong that we were people who could design processes and therefore solve business problems. We were people of “Logic” and not “Philosophy”. Logic is not enticing enough to the audience but philosophy is very interesting. Lot of people requested us to do motivational pep talks and was willing to handsomely compensate. We had to politely decline such offers and work towards what we were meant to be. The only way we could make process consulting work was by proving that logic gives results and it’s more than worth investing in it. It was difficult for us to find new clients in the early days and people would seldom understand what we do. So we met more and more people to increase our chance of landing a new assignment and then we made sure results on all the assignments were nothing less than excellent. There was no magic, but simple math, if you crack one assignment after meeting ten people and your target is two, figure out a way to meet 20 people.