Communication is the currency of business – Rachit Vyas

communication is the currency of business

For over 48 years, Communispond has helped over 850,000 professionals across globe to achieve business goals by communicating with clarity and power. They follow a simple mantra – ‘train your people to effectively communicate on your behalf and your organization will flourish’- an advice which most of the top fortune 500 companies are adhering too. Though present from 1969, Communispond entered the Indian markets a couple of years ago and is slowly gaining the confidence of the Indian corporate sector. Rachit Vyas, Managing Partner South Asia Region for Communispond, an eloquent speaker himself; points how India is a challenging market for institutions like Communispond.

Q. How would you rate Corporate training industry in India

The Corporate soft skills training in India has risen from a ‘would like’ to a ‘must have’ HR function in the last 15 years. Business leaders are now looking at training their employees and consider it as a very important factor in translating their strategic vision into reality. Having said that, the training industry in India is also very fragmented with no entry barriers. IP Plagiarism in this industry is quite rampant and content development and training can be the outcome of few people’s experience precipitate and belief. One size does not fit all and every industry has its own unique challenges. India has seen a very high growth of freelance trainers or one man training organisations irrespective of whether their content or training module has any value impact on the business in the long run.

Skill development programs / effective communication modules / leadership development programs have been sprouting across major metros with certain global and domestic companies and renowned management colleges offering courses across subjects and industries. Similarly, professors from renowned colleges also hold one/two day programs on skill/leadership development though in most cases the content is generalised for easier understanding.

Q. Effective Communications plays a key role in your training modules?

Effective communication plays a key role in the success of any organisation and is our flagship offering. The vision of the top management has to be filtered down with utmost clarity to the last person in the organization for effective internal/external transactions. If you look at the different deltas, apart from technical and functional skills, you will realize that, in most cases, one of the main reasons for failure of an organisation or its strategy is the ability of its employees to communicate effectively.

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Q. What does Communispond as a skill development institution offer that differentiates your Organization?

Communispond offers communication coaching for professionals as well researched and specific programs that are customized to cater to specific entity requirements and designed across bandwidth from CxO’s to the junior employees. Communispond invests its time and resources in understanding real time market realities, cultural & regional difference and all programs & seminars are designed with pre-training, training and post training modules to effectively transform approach into job application.

The USP of Communispond is that we take a complex topic and break it into key application steps that are easy to remember and are applicable on the job. In order to further support our customers, we also use technology and encourage our participants to download our smart phone app and visit our portal post training sessions to regroup the learnt skills at the sessions and further fine tune them with additional information. Besides that, we encourage organizations to invest time in post training coaching and reinforcement for sustainability of skills so that training is not just a great event but a process. We believe that strong reinforcement of certain practices gets subconsciously woven into the daily routine and effectively improve the overall outcome for the organization.

Communispond has been rated as Gold standard by many global organisations for creating an impactful communication culture within their organisation. What also sets us apart is our approach of understanding the core requirement to help us intelligently design our training program which appeals to the auditory, visual and kinaesthetic learning styles along with visual aids and videography to help them get a 360 degree perspective on themselves as communicators, even measuring every intervention’s success using KirkPatrick model. We follow the same model irrespective whether it is a single program, a long term project or a planned training calendar with an organisation.

Q. Communispond has worked with the best names across industry and yet its awareness in India is quite low compared to other similar global institutions?

Communispond is dedicated to developing best in class communication and training solutions worldwide with the ability to serve any country. We have clients from CEO’s, Board chairs, Sales leaders, Sports/Media & Political figures as our esteemed clients. Our presence in India is fairly recent and we, in this short, span have some of the leading names across industries as our clients.