WittyFeed is India’s largest viral content company – Vinay Singhal


WittyFeed has about a billion users with nearly 40 million visitors from India on a monthly basis. It is India’s largest viral content company and is equally popular is North America, Europe and Australia, commanding the second position globally in terms of traffic numbers on its site next only to Buzzfeed.

Started in 2014 by Vinay Singhal, Shashank Vaishnav and Parveen Singhal, this bootstrapped company is now looking at raising funds to further improve its geographical reach, product offerings and language options to cater to larger audience worldwide.

Team NewsBarons spoke with Vinay Singhal, Co-founder and CEO of WittyFeed about the company, its offerings and their expansion plans.

NB: Explain WittyFeed?

Vinay: WittyFeed is India’s largest viral content company and the world’s second largest in terms of traffic numbers. It is not just another viral content website, but it is a steadily growing ecosystem of content creators, publishers, and consumers.

Content Marketing and Branded Content – In the times when marketing for every brand is being replaced by “social media marketing” and brands are increasingly moving towards creating content and stories that deliver their messaging WittyFeed comes as one stop “content exchange” for all these brands.

WittyFeed has now quickly emerged as brand empowerment tool as well. Brands share their messaging, TG, audience and the budget, and we take care of everything else within our ecosystem to make sure the messaging of the brand goes viral. Content creators create the relevant and native content around the messaging which gets approved by the brand and then the influencers distribute that content across the relevant audience. The best part, it’s all trackable and tech driven.

Vinay Singhal, Co-founder and CEO – Wittyfeed

NB: You have experienced exponential success. What do you attribute this success to?

Vinay: The entire credit goes to the team and the technology this team has built.

NB: What is your present market share and number of daily active users across globe?

Vinay: Wittyfeed.com is currently valued at $30 million. The company registered revenue of Rs. 26 crores in the last FY and expects to cross Rs.35 cores this year. The company is looking to expand more in the US market as it contributes to company’s 30% traffic.

The platform started out very small with barely a hundred thousand users but has quickly built up its user base. It has an audience reach of a billion people and gets 100 million unique readers every month. Today, WittyFeed has 40 million site visits ahead of its closest Indian rival Scoopwhoop.

NB: What is your USP and how do you differentiate yourself from other similar content driven sites?

Vinay: Picking up the viral angle of any instance is our strength. The creation of user-friendly content and engaging them via content makes our service unique. Our state of the art technology for all the stakeholders in the ecosystem of content from content creators to distributors, consumers and upto the brands makes us unique.

NB: What is you revenue generation model?

Vinay: Programmatic Ads and helping brands plan their native content marketing. WittyFeed has build technology platform for content marketing what Google build for Display Ads once.

NB: Are you looking at raising funds?

Vinay: Yes, we are planning to raise our first round of funding soon to expand globally, build better technology, diversify our audience and be available in more languages.

NB: What is mission 2020?

Vinay: WittyFeed is aims to be the world’s largest internet media company. As of now, we are India’s largest viral content company and second largest in the world in terms of traffic numbers.

We wish to change the way content is consumed around the globe.

As mentioned, WittyFeed has built the technology platform for content marketing which will make it transparent and trackable for the first time in the world combining with the power of Influencer Marketing included. We want to make content marketing accessible to all brands in the most affordable and transparent manner in the world.