Our strategy is to create large scale verticals with immense market potential: Jupiter Infomedia


Jupiter Infomedia Limited, India’s leading web infomedia company, with online publication on Business, Encyclopedia, Yellowpages, News & Events related to India focuses on three major business verticals with JimTrade.com, IndiaNetzone.com and JimYellowpages.com.

Replying to Newsbarons, Umesh Modi, Chairman and Managing Director, Jupiter Infomedia Ltd stated” Our strategy is to create Large Scale Verticals with immense market potential, Developing Unique and voluminous content in each verticals and maintaining Cost under Control.”

NB:Your overview of the growth in the internet industry?
Umesh Modi: There is immense growth opportunities in the internet industry on account of Govt. focus on Digital India, Huge population with internet infrastructure in very initial stage, Talent for software development is available at relatively low cost.

NB:What is your growth strategy?
Umesh Modi: Our Strategy is to create Large Scale Verticals with immense market potential, Developing Unique and voluminous content in each verticals,Maintaining Cost under Control.

Creating Large Scale Verticals with immense market potential – In India, internet based businesses are at its initial stage with huge growth prospects. Hence, at Jupiter, we have focused on verticals which provide vast opportunities and have very few players. Our agship portal JimTrade.com is in the B2B segment which is for MSME industry. In India, MSME accounts for 45% of manufacturing output from 26 million units. IndiaNetzone.com is a free encyclopedia on India with a scope to develop lakhs of articles having unique informative content. JimYellowpages.com, a yellowpages directory with business listings of India caters to the huge demand for updated listings of every city, town and village.

Developing Unique and voluminous content in each verticals – “Content is the king” is a famous phrase on Internet. To search always reminds us of Google, for social media – – facebook, for video – youtube. Why? These offer endless unique content for our requirement. Our focus has been to prepare exceptional content. It has twin advantage. Firstly, content drives traffic and secondly, competition will take time to outpace us. At JimTrade, we have 5,00,000+ manufacturers’ product profiles. At IndiaNetzone, we have40,000+ researched articles, and at JimYellowpages, we have 10,00,000+ business listings. In all these three verticals we have achieved the position of a leading player in India.

Maintaining Cost under Control – In India, internet based businesses are facing least entry barriers. Hence, to prepare ourselves for competition we have focused on execution excellence, operational efficiencies and cost management. Further, we have managed to almost write-off cost of content, software and user-base development every year, thereafter being in profit. JimTrade.com has 5,00,000+ product profiles andIndiaNetzone.com has 40,000+ researched articles for which cost in our balance sheet is Rs 45 Lacs only. Our subscriber base for e-newsletter for JimTrade.com is 8,00,000+ and for IndiaNetzone.com is 1,00,000+ with virtually no cost in our books.

Our journey has been quite successful till now and we are well positioned to capitalise on the opportunities in future.

NB: Give us an idea about company’s plan for the NBFC subsidiary?
Umesh Modi: Our aim is to fully recover cost from internal accruals. In initial years, we could do this from high Google AdSense revenue. As we increased the scale, we decided to deploy our investible fund into growth oriented shares of bluechip companies and earn profit from the same.

This has yielded amazing results and hence, we simultaneously decided to expand our investment activities and hence, we created NBFC subsidiary company. Since, it is 100% subsidiary of Jupiter Infomedia Limited (JIM), JIM will get dividend from NBFC and will be able to meet its cost.

NB:What are Jupiter Infomedia’s acquisition plans?
Umesh Modi: At present, JIM does is not looking for any project acquisition as its existing project itself has huge growth potential. Post this; we already have plans to introduce verticals in untapped areas.

NB:Comment on your Capex plans?
Umesh Modi: We have financed all the verticals at ZERO cost in balance sheet. Hence, future Capex will not have any fund requirement.

NB:What is your vision?
Umesh Modi: Our Vision is to be an inspirational Company offering long term value to our stakeholders by creating global scale verticals