Insuring your international travel is more important than you think: Vivek Chaturvedi, Digit Insurance

When you buy travel insurance, you are covering unexpected mishaps and risks like loss of luggage, flight delays, cancellation charges or even a medical emergency.

Considering this is an age of travellers and not tourists, people, usually, plans the entire trip themselves. A lot of planning goes into an international trip. Destination, Duration, Budget, Hotel and Transport amongst other important things. One normally creates a long checklist in their mind to cover nearly all aspects of travelling to build a seamless experience. But how important is to add travel insurance to your checklist? Imperative.

People gear up for trips differently. Some spend weeks and months planning while some are impulsive travellers. There are no sure-fire ways of getting everything right. You often get advice like pack smart, check the weather, check your flights, stay updated with news reports on the place you are visiting, etc. While all of this advice is important, getting travel insurance is extremely significant, be it a budget trip or a honeymoon. Travel insurance can keep you safe from all those unforeseen risks that crop up during international travels.

What should the insurance cover?

Travel insurance for international travel should be a priority. A basic flight delay or cancellation policy is not more than five per cent of your flight ticket. Insuring your trip on time is as important as getting your bookings done. When you buy travel insurance, you are covering unexpected mishaps and risks like loss of luggage, flight delays, cancellation charges or even a medical emergency.

Importance of buying a comprehensive travel cover

A basic plan offers coverage for the most common mishaps that can be encountered on an international trip.Here are a couple of examples of how comprehensive travel insurance actually helps at the time of need:

Medical Contingencies:

While one hopes to never find themselves in such situations, medical, flight delays and other external factors can never be predicted.

Here, I will share my own experience. While travelling to Thailand on a family trip and strolling through the night market at Lamai beach, my kid planned to free his hand and go over to a swing he saw. But in his excitement, he tripped and hurt his head on a pole. We searched the nearby hospital and got him admitted. The procedure demanded us to stay overnight while our kid was under observation. Fortunately, he was fine the next morning with minor medications to follow. But the hospital bill was INR 60,000. Thankfully, I had covered my family under a comprehensive travel insurance otherwise the overnight stay in hospital would have eaten up our trip’s budget.

So, that’s one of the biggest advantages of buying travel insurance as it covers ones family against unfortunate and unforeseen medical contingencies. One thing to make sure here, make sure your cover has enough sum insured that could take care of the medical costs in the country you are travelling to.

Missed flights or flight cancellation:

Who has not faced problems while trying to catch an international flight? Flights get cancelled or delayed very often, and the tickets are a major part of your expense. A lot of processes need to be followed for getting your claims approved by your insurance company. One of our customers was pleasantly surprised when buying insurance from us as he was getting a flat benefit of $100 if the flight were to be delayed by more than six hours compared to industry offers, which provided a claim only if the flight was delayed beyond 12 hours.

When you plan your travel, protecting yourself from an undesirable situation can save you a lot of trouble. It will make your trip safe and hassle free. You can travel solo or with your family, but you should never travel without insurance.

[This is an authored article by Vivek Chaturvedi, Head of Marketing at Digit Insurance. All views, opinions and expressions are personal and limited to the author.]