US adopts Indian technology for cancer treatment

SBF Healthcare to be associated with University of Pennsylvania andUniversity of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) for ongoing Neuro-Oncology Research (for treatment of malignant brain tumors)

For the first time in Indian history, Sequentially Programmed Magnetic Field (SPMF) Therapy invented by WgCdr (Dr.) V. G. Vasishta, Founder & Chairman, SBF Healthcare, known to have saved and revived lives of over 500 brain tumor cancer patients has set its benchmark in medical technology and has been recently adopted by the US for Neuro-Oncology Research for treatment of malignant brain tumor cancer.

Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs) have also been signed between SBF Healthcare and University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) & University of Pennsylvania for advancement in Neuro-Oncology research for treatment of malignant brain tumor cancer.According to the new bill announced by US President, Donald Trump on ‘Right to Try Law’, SPMF Therapy can be used for treatment by any US citizen without any FDA approval.

In India,at least 40,000-50,000 people are diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) brain tumors, of which 20 percent are children. Brain tumors are primarily treated with surgery, Chemotherapy and Radiation. After these treatments, the average survival is not more than 14 months. This indicates that such patients are left with very little or no chances of survival.However, with SPMF Therapy, such patients have been treated successfully who have survived for more than five years on average. SPMF is a unique type of treatment that is non-invasive and safe, painless, affordable, scientifically proven and most effective treatment for brain tumor. A patient’s condition is evaluated using MRI and the Karnofsky Performance Score (KPS) which are the gold standards for evaluating the efficacy of a therapy. This treatment is administered through an advanced medical device called AKTIS SOMA. This therapy is conducted over a 28-day period(one hour a day).

Speaking on the occasion, WgCdr (Dr.) V. G. Vasishta said, “There is a major need for non-surgical intervention without any side effects in the treatment of cancer. SPMF Therapy provides a non-invasive and safe treatment without any side effects. It halts the progression of the disease and improves quality of life and extends the survival period. It also helps developa patient’s emotional and psychological wellbeing.This therapy has proven to be a miracle for many patients with malignant tumors and is now set to help make progress in fields of Neuro-oncology Research through our association with two leading universities in the US.Until today, India has been relying on Western countriesfor advanced medical treatment and techniques.I am extremely delighted that, with SPMF Therapy, we are setting the ground for an Indian medical technology to be used by people across the globe for treating a complex disorder such as brain tumors. For the first time,an advanced medical technology developed by an Indian will be approved to be used for the treatment of brain tumors in theUS.”

SBF Healthcare and Research Center (SHRC), founded by Wing Commander (Dr) V. G. Vasishta (Retd.), has quickly gained popularity as one of the best healthcare centers in the country for treatment of OA and cancer, owing to unrelenting dedication to excellent medical services and pioneering research in life-saving Osteoarthritis and Cancer medical technologies.