Observing World Liver Day on April 19, 2017


Liver diseases assume killer proportion in India

Mumbai, April 2017: Contrary to the popular belief that alcohol is the common cause for silent liver diseases, non-alcoholic fatty liver (triggered largely by Diabetes and Obesity) followed by chronic Viral Hepatitis B & C are proving to be far more lethal, according to empirical data released by Ansh Liver Clinic, Mumbai.

Out of total number of 2930 cases analysed at Ansh Liver Clinic,  about 2000 were diagnosed with liver- related diseases at different stages of advancement.
It was found in the study that non-alcoholic fatty liver topped the cause for chronic liver diseases (32%) followed by Viral Hepatitis B & C (8.9% & 3 % respectively) which is in contrast with alcoholic related liver diseases (12.8%)

Elaborating on the study Dr. Jayshri Shah, a leading liver diseases specialist &director of Ansh Liver Clinic says, “These three conditions – non-alcoholic fatty liver, viral hepatitis B & C & alcohol related liver diseases – are triple ticking time bomb as they are asymptomatic until the patient reaches the advanced stage of decompensation and develops palpable symptoms. If left untreated, these conditions could lead to life-threatening complications like cirrhosis and liver cancer.”

Dr. Jayshri Shah, Director Ansh Liver Clinic

The most worrying aspect that thesestatistics threw up is the fact that majority (60%) of the patients were caught unaware about the liver diseases they were reeling under, with the nature of the disease being asymptomatic. Another fact that comes out from this study is the correlation between diabetes and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Unfortunately, diabetics are yet to include the liver function in their periodic checkup plan as much as they do for other organs.

Liver needs specialized attention and further tests such as Fibroscan , despite normal blood tests and Ultrasound. Fibroscan is a simple bedside test which allows early detection of fibrosis ( liver damage ) without need for liver biopsy. Ansh Liver Clinic has performed approximately 1300 Fibroscans and found significant fibrosis ( Liver damage ) in approximately 60% patients who had no symptoms related to their liver condition . Approximately 350( 18%)  patients had Liver cirrhosis , only 25% had symptoms due to complications of Cirrhosis . The remaining 75% had compensated cirrhosis without any symptoms and they were not even aware of their condition until investigated at the clinic. Approximately 20 patients( 1%)  were detected to have liver cancer, without any symptoms.

Director of Ansh Liver clinic cited that, “Liver cancer is the 4 th commonest cause of cancer in theworld. Unfortunately, at presentation, majority of these cancers are at an advanced inoperablestage; only 20% can be offered a surgical cure including liver transplantation.”
Liver disease is a silent killer; You don’t know you have it, until it is too late.

About Ansh Liver Clinic:

Ansh Liver clinic “prevention to cure”, founded by Dr. JayshriA. Shah & Dr. Ankur J. Shah, is committed to expanding the service of hepatology, to help with prevention and treatment of patients with complex liver diseases. The aim is to provide all outpatient services related to liver disease under one roof. The clinic is equipped with the latest technology (Fibroscan) for early detection of liver disease even before any symptoms occur. Fibroscan is a simple bed side test, it is quick and easy to perform, and results are available instantly. This has replaced the need for painful liver biopsies in many patients.