healthhunt is a highly engaging technology-based health platform: Pooja Duggal, healthhunt



Nearly 1 in 20 searches across online platforms are on health and related issues and people, today, use various online portals extensively for information on any and all health-related queries. But one of the biggest problems in the online domain, especially for information regarding any medical and health related problems, is that a majority of the content is unverified and non-reliable.

Pooja Duggal, having spent over a decade and a half in the cut throat diamond industry, understood the health plights of corporate citizens and the need for verified information from verified sources that could help bring small lifestyle changes with large positive impact in the overall well being of the readers.

Latika Bhargava from NewsBarons provides excerpts of an interaction with Pooja Duggal, Founder of healthhunt who informs ‘healthhunt has the most robust, highly engaging, and smart technology-based platform in the health and wellness space in Asia today’.

NB: What was the thought behind healthhunt?

Pooja: Having a sedentary lifestyle can have a huge negative impact on your health. Sitting is the new smoking and yet we underestimate the impact it has on our health on a daily basis. 61% of the total deaths in our country are due to lifestyle diseases; which means that they are preventable and lifestyle modifiable – if people realize in time and begin making healthy choices.
Therefore, I decided to take my health in my own hands by digging deeper into nutrition, fitness, mental well-being and organic beauty, which then brought me to the eureka moment and I decided to scale this up for millions of people.

Pooja Duggal, Founder & CEO- healthunt
Pooja Duggal

NB: Please explain the working and services of healthhunt?

Pooja: healthhunt has the most robust, highly engaging, and smart technology-based platform in the health and wellness space in Asia today. Our platform is solving a 4-fold content conundrum as content today, especially in the health and wellness space, is overwhelming, not tailored, disconnected and generalized.
The health wire is designed to overcome these challenges effortlessly. healthhunt powers corporates across the continent with holistic solutions that are specially picked for them and are delivered straight to their inboxes every day. Keeping in mind that health wire is a unique product, we allow brands to work with us in a unique à la carte format. We take customization to the next level, which is precisely what helps us deliver without fail. Overall, our aim is to give brands a platform to showcase their products and services to a largely relevant and already engaged audience.
One of the biggest challenges today in corporate wellness is the costs involved and the effort required to get an engagement from employees. The health wire solves the issue. The tool is highly engaging with a 30% open rate across our customer base, which is encouraging, to say the least.

NB: Who are the specialist/(s) working with you and what kind of service do they provide to your users?

Pooja: healthhunt has a panel of 60 global experts spanning various aspects of health and wellness. We are growing this community even further to include more experts on a daily basis. We have diligent research analysts on board that ‘fact-check’ all of our content thoroughly before publication. We have an outsourced, but dedicated, engineering team that works round-the-clock and has helped us experiment early with machine-learning algorithms and even helped evolve the product. We also have experts that constantly analyse all the data coming through from our users to help make the platform increasingly relevant for them.

NB: What is your current geographical presence? What are your expansion plans?

Pooja: We are headquartered in New Delhi. We have plans to set up sales offices in 4 major cities in India and grow our corporate customer profile into hundreds by the middle of this year. We have a team of superiorly-trained holistic experts in place who will be growing this part of our business.
We will continue to grow our health council that already hosts experts from around the world, focus on more strategic partnerships and help other wellness brands reach their target audience through healthhunt.

NB: Please explain your Revenue model?

Pooja: Our diverse revenue streams evolved from our patrons’ needs, namely:

  • The SaaS platform is an annual subscription model with a pay-per-user built in. We have many companies signed up for this services some of which are very large corporates across India.
    • We have a robust digital advertising model in place where we help health and wellness brands reach the right target audience through paid campaigns.
    • Our marketplace works on an affiliate basis.
    • Advertising opportunities on our website and social handles in the form of written and video content.

NB: Are you looking at raising funds? If yes, what areas are you looking at investing?

Pooja: We are looking for strategic partners that will help us through our mission and vision. We have seen encouraging inbound interest and are currently exploring the opportunity.