Gaksung world launches Gaksung-Noni

Gaksung-Noni powder is a dry natural herb extracted from the Noni Plant.

Gaksung world , one of the most recognized and trusted names in alternative products and services in Asia and Europe introduces ‘GAKSUNG-NONI’. Gaksung-Noni is made from premium, dried Noni. It is rich in Proxeronine and Proxeronase, which are natural, healthy and nutrition-rich food supplements.

Gaksung Noni Fruit Powder is 100% Natural, and as little as possible removed from its ingredients. It is a valuable source of antioxidants rich Superfood Powder, Vitamins and Minerals. It’s drum-dried; a process that removes moisture from the Noni fruit at a modest temperature. This allows the powder to retain benefits of the raw Noni Fruit which when ingested boosts energy and helps the immune system, digestive system and increases energy and vitality. The health benefits of Gaksung- Noni Powder don’t end here. Terpine, found in Noni Powder, helps detoxify the body, and the mineral selenium nourishes the skin and increases its elasticity.

Delighted on the launch of Gaksung- Noni, Ali Asif, Managing Director, Gaksung Global said “With rising health conscious among the consumers, demand for healthy and nutritious products is growing exponentially. The launch of Gaksung- Noni represents a strategic expansion of our company to the health product market. We believe with the aging of the population, growth of the middle-class, and greater health awareness, our core business is poised to grow well through its health products –we expect to leverage our facilities and sales channels to meet market demand.”