Fortis partners with Phable for AI solutions


Phable supports over 18 major chronic ailments and uses AI to deliver personalised guidance to patients.

Phable, India’s first autonomous care start-up, announced its partnership with Fortis Hospitals Bangalore. Through this partnership, Fortis’ patients will now have access to AI-powered ailment management solutions at the comfort of their homes. This will positively impact thousands of Fortis patients, who suffer from chronic illnesses.

Phable aims to make healthcare patient-centric, easily accessible and pocket-friendly. Their app-based virtual assistant improves the quality of life of patients by helping them manage medication, tests, diet, exercise etc. Phable integrates several home-care health devices and can detect anomalies in health conditions, thereby becoming a potential life-saver. Phable supports over 18 major chronic ailments and uses AI to deliver personalised guidance to patients.

Speaking about the partnership, Prasanth Reddy, Co-Founder, Phable, said “We are glad to partner with one of the leading chains of hospitals in India. Our unique technology makes care delivery hassle-free, instant and most importantly, continuous for India’s many chronic illness patients. We are very confident that this partnership will help us deliver world-class digital care to the patients who need support at their homes.”

A Spokesperson from Fortis Hospitals, Bangalore, said “Fortis Hospitals has always been dedicated towards providing the best quality care to its patients. Phable’s AI-powered guidance and prediction system will help patients and doctors by alerting them on early warning indicators, thereby, significantly improving the health outcomes of our patients.”

Powered by cutting-edge deep learning technology, Phable aims to integrate healthcare by bringing together medical expertise, patient data and health devices on to a single platform. According to CII, with the increased digital adoption, India’s healthcare market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 23% to US$280 billion by 2020. Digital healthcare players are estimated to accelerate a good portion of this growth and Phable, as the world’s largest medical IoT integrator, is steadily on its way to lead the digital health transformation.

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