Employee health is the most ignored premise in corporate India: Ganesh Remani


An organization is defined by the people that work in it. Healthier and fitter employees naturally contribute towards better planning and growth for any organization. But the health of the employees has been one of the most ignored premises in Corporate India. High-stress levels, long working hours, lack of exercise, improper food & eating habits and inadequate sleeping hours have been the main reasons for the emergence of life threatening diseases amongst corporate India.

Employee Welfare is an important concern across organizations and many measures like term insurance schemes, medi-claims, regular on-site doctor visits and recreational activities have become a part of an organizational offering to help improve the physical and mental health of the employees. But one part that where the entire process lacks is the preemptive measures and practices an organization can adopt to keep a check on the employees overall health performance.

Team NewsBarons spoke with Ganesh Remani, founder of the fitness app, KHELfit, who associates fitness with flexibility, endurance and strength. Excerpts from the interaction.

Ganesh Remani, founder – KHELfit App

NB: What was the thought behind launching a fitness app?

Ganesh: With the onset of liberalization in the 90s, a wave of competitive environment emerged which changed the entire lifestyle of the Indian population. The recent technological revolution of social media and smart phones accentuated the 24X7 work culture. Despite the advancement of technology in medical care, self-inflicting lifestyle diseases have taken shape across age groups.

In a rarity, we as a country are fighting both under nutrition and overweight/ obesity at the same time. Employee work force spends nearly all of the wake hours either traveling or attending meetings with zero concentration on health or food habits. Today’s stressful environment of deadlines and competition does not allow people to have time for hobbies or recreational activities. The side effect of adults/parents not able to work on fitness has a huge impact on kids with India being the second largest in the number of obese children behind China.

Time, space and cost are typically the constraints for every person. Khelfit was designed to address these issues by bringing a holistic program where the house can be treated as a gym and own body being the equipment with the family members being the companion and the program provides the knowledge of the personal trainer in the fingertips of the person leading to a fitter eco system.

NB: Internet is filled with fitness and exercising videos. How do you differentiate yourself from them and other fitness apps?

Ganesh: I cannot agree more. And this is the exactly the challenge that many are facing. The authenticity, purpose and the method of execution of the content available in the web world is a big concern amongst many people. The problem of fitness is not about awareness but it is in the assimilation of information. The follow up option to express concerns and seek clarifications is an essential ingredient which is not served by more videos in the web world. Further, most of the content available does not serve the purpose, as fitness is all about a regime that one needs to follow and guided until the habit formation takes place.
At Khelfit, we have taken into consideration the requirements of people who connect on the web for such help, incorporated programs that can be easily practiced at home and built a structure that can be followed on a day to day basis. Khelfit provides a one stop shop for various fitness programs that are presented by experts in their respective fields.
Lastly, we embrace all who serve the purpose of creating a fitter eco system.

NB: Why target employee health as a launching platform?

Ganesh: The biggest scare of Stress, hypertension, obesity and cardiac problems are faced by employees on account of long working hours, bad eating habits and zero physical activity.
An organization is defined by the people that work in it. An employee’s health is important as it affects the overall performance of the organization. It is important to create fitness awareness amongst employees for endurance and better productivity. Healthier and fitter employees naturally contribute towards better planning and growth for any organization. Further, the positive impact of the health of the employee percolates to the family well being as well.

Most organizations provide high-cost health insurance and medi-claim to employees. Progressive organizations also provide after office hours service of expert trainers which is hardly used by employees. We at Khelfit want to be the enablers of these organizations who strive to take care of their employees.

NB: You offer multiple genres of fitness to choose from like Yoga, Exercise etc. Is it possible to enroll for one form of fitness genre only?

Ganesh: A registered user can access all fitness genres on the app. At present, the content is on Exercises and Yoga. With the subscription to the product, the customer has access to all forms of genres as well as to all the updates that happen during the period of subscription. The app also provides a complimentary package that allows the entire family access all fitness features on the app with no additional charges.

NB: People serious about health & fitness would look at options of joining a gym and a trainer? Why would they list themselves on Khelfit?

Ganesh: Staying fit and healthy is the need of the hour. The option of a trainer in the digital medium and the authenticated information at convenience could be a boon for all who have challenges of time, space and cost. Further, this mode of training also boosts options for women who want to embrace physical fitness. It is not that we are substituting gym or a trainer; rather we are addressing the segment that does not go to the gym or a trainer and providing one more option to all to pursue fitness.

NB: Do you also provide offline support to fitness enthusiast?

Ganesh: We primarily support all our registered users through connecting to experts feature in the digital medium. However, at an additional cost, we have plans to bring in customized program with a dedicated trainer to a customer that blends both online and offline