DocOnline partners with Okira to provide affordable healthcare in West Bengal

The National Sample Survey (2014) found that 86 percent of rural population was not covered under any scheme of health expenditure support.

DocOnline, a Hyderabad based telemedicine company, has tied up with Okira Health Care to offer health cards in West Bengal.

As part of this tie-up, Okira will offer Okira Health Cards on Mobile App to the customers and when a customer purchases this card, DocOnline will enable access to online doctor services. As a result, customer will get multifarious benefits of instantaneous, convenient, affordable, and accessible healthcare at a very nominal cost.

Okira’s customers must download DocOnline’s app to avail its consultation services. Keeping in mind the digital divide, if a customer does not have a smart phone or an internet connection, DocOnline will provide a hotline number (tollfree) so that a user can call and avail DocOnline’s subscription services.

When a customer consults a doctor through DocOnline, the doctor will generate a digitally signed prescription which will be received by the customer via an app or through an email. Okira currently plans to offer this health card in West Bengal and plans to expand across India very soon. Further, when a customer purchases an Okira Health Card, he/she will get three more free cards which they can use for their family members to get discounts at network hospitals/diagnostic centres/medical stores/nursing homes.

Speaking on this occasion, Markus Moding, CEO and Founder DocOnline said, “Using technology to further the cause of healthcare in India is the need of the hour and DocOnline intends to be at the forefront. Our vision is to create a healthier life for all people in India and we will continue to apply technology to get creative healthcare solutions”.

Rahul Paith, Chief Operating Officer (COO), DocOnline added “We are very happy to partner with Okira to offer affordable, accessible and quality health services in West Bengal. DocOnline’s mission is to provide more accessible, more affordable, more trustworthy and better quality healthcare and this partnership is a step in this direction.”

Subir Ghosh, Founder & Director, Okira Healthcare said, “The synergy arising out of Okira’s reach and DocOnline’s technology will help the customer access affordable and quality healthcare easily”.

Okira Healthcare is a leading health care provider in multi-states including West Bengal, Bihar, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, and Chhattisgarh.