Clinivantage is empowering and enabling the healthcare space in India: Dinesh Samudra, Clinivantage

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There has been a tremendous increase in demand of telemedicine and digital healthcare services, both nationally and globally and the Indian healthcare sector is expected to reach US $280 billion by the end of 2020.

In India, though the healthcare sector is taking giant leaps,its services are limites to urban and semi urban areas and lacks considerable advancement to expand its services in rural locations. Nearly, 75 percent of the rural population in India is struggling with insufficient infrastructure, technological awareness and the unavailability of healthcare professionals, further adding to the woes healthcare challenges in remote areas.

In the recent years, positive initiatives from the state and central government in proactively addressing the issue of healthcare delivery to remote areas through various PPP schemes have borne results and the authorities are now looking at various similar options to narrow the gap between the urban and rural healthcare delivery.

Manish Joshi from NewsBarons connects with Dinesh Samudra, co-founder of Clinivantage Healthcare Technolohies who informs ‘Telemedicine practices and solutions aren’t limited to general medicine or those that need a physician. The efforts by some of the healthcare majors in the country have borne fruit in specialties such as paediatrics, orthopaedics’, dermatology, radiology, cardiology, neurology, oncology, HIV, and internal medicine’.

Dinesh Samudra, co-founder of Clinivantage Healthcare Technolohies
Dinesh Samudra

NB: Tell us about the role of Clinivantage in the Indian Healthcare sector?

Dinesh: Clinivantage provides hassle free services equally to healthcare consumers as well as healthcare providers. We are creating a connected healthcare ecosystem that is not bound by any geographical boundaries. Clinivantage is encompassing private as well as public healthcare sector and augmenting its solutions with Business intelligence, IoT (Internet of Things) devices to deliver the best of both the worlds to the healthcare space.

Clinivantage’s flagship platform Pro.Care, hosts and delivers its solutions to healthcare providers and consumers through PaaS model (Platform as a Service), which has basic requirements of hardware and connectivity. Complete data security, immense ease of operations and navigation encourages all users to be part of digital healthcare.

Users of Clinivantage Platform can search for doctors, schedule appointments, create and store healthcare records and access them anytime anywhere. In short, Clinivantage is empowering and enabling the healthcare space through its platform.

NB: How is your IOT device advantageous for hospitals, Doctors and consumers?

Dinesh: Our IoT devices are extremely handy and easy to operate. They can measure all essential vitals and also maintain their trends, which are important in chronic care management. The information captured by these devices is visible to doctors who can deliver better care once they know about the patient’s health condition. We have devices that can capture vitamins, mineral levels non-invasively and monitor heartbeats of a baby in the womb, analyze urine for 10 parameters and take a complete 12 lead ECG.

These user friendly devices save precious time and are extremely useful in chronic care management, digital OPDs, last mile care delivery and in medical emergencies.

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Access to qualified healthcare providers, specialised consultation, timely diagnosis, accurate prognosis and effective course of treatment can bring down the disparity in healthcare offerings between the rural and urban areas.

NB: Inform us on the progress of the Village Social Transformation Foundation’s DigiHealth programme across the two villages in Maharashtra? What next?

Dinesh: Healthcare delivery to the rural population of the state – especially in the remote areas, has been a great challenge for years due to non-availability of medical professionals to deliver care in such areas. VSTF is a Government body in Maharashtra State that operates towards upliftment of the rural folks by targeting various aspects like education, women empowerment, child nutrition, health etc.

Clinivantage took up the challenge of delivering best possible last mile healthcare to 2 villages in Raigad district. Today people of Barasgaon and Mohot are more than happy to have Clinivantage bring in digital OPD based on concept of telemedicine to their rescue.

The POC of the DigiHealth Project of delivering last mile healthcare in remote parts was highly successful in these two villages. People who had to travel minimum 50 kms in very hard conditions to see a doctor are now able to get treatment from best consultants in the cities right in their villages. This is saving on their time, exertion and finances at the same time complete assurance of effective treatment at home.

The promising result has taken the project to the next level, where Clinivantage has been given the responsibility of delivering last mile healthcare in 40 more villages in the State. The work for these villages has been started and care delivery will be rolling out soon.

NB: How do you envisage the Indian Healthcare sector in the next 5 years, especially with the challenges in the rural healthcare delivery system?

Dinesh: India’s healthcare industry is one of the fastest growing sectors and the country has also become one of the leading destinations for high-end diagnostic services with tremendous capital investment for advanced diagnostic facilities, thus catering to a greater proportion of population. Similarly, healthcare facilities are modernizing and becoming state-of-the-art setups. This will lead to a huge boom in medical tourism. Besides, Indian medical service consumers have become more conscious towards their healthcare upkeep.

With updated domestic and international consumers, we can envisage enhancement of medical services scale wise as well as geographical presence and medical players will expand to tier 2 and 3 locations, concentrating to reach out to populations in these locations and beyond.

Better methods of healthcare delivery will be developed in order to reduce cost and make healthcare a profitable proposition for both the providers and consumers. This will be aided by world class healthcare devices being available in larger quantities and of better qualities.

Indian healthcare sector is much diversified and is full of opportunities in every segment which includes providers, payers and medical technology. With the increase in the competition, businesses are looking to explore for the latest dynamics and trends which will have positive impact on their business.

Moreover, healthcare consumers will show great consciousness towards healthcare upkeep, forcing the medical companies to provide improved facilities.

Dinesh Samudra, Nilesh Jain and Dr. Abhay Chopada
(Left to Right): Dinesh Samudra, Nilesh Jain and Dr. Abhay Chopada

Dissemination of specialised knowledge among the medical community through advanced networks, technology enabled peer-to-peer reviews, emergency medical consultations during epidemic or crises, and many others can be achieved with digital healthcare facilities.

NB: Please inform on Clinivantage future plans w.r.t. product, expansion and funding?

Dinesh: Clinivantage is on a mission to “touch a billion lives”. Clinivantage is growing in leaps and bounds with more and more consumers showing confidence about its abilities to make healthcare affordable, accessible and easy for healthcare providers as well as consumers.

Clinivantage has already built a platform and solutions that are highly scalable. These products will evolve further and further to adapt to the changes in healthcare scenario. Simultaneously, we will enhance and add to our IoT devices further making them user friendly.

Clinivantage will expand its presence in more countries across the world. Domestically we will expand our services to private and public sector simultaneously and try to reach healthcare services to less privileged. Clinivantage will provide every healthcare related service through its platform to every consumer while giving providers a mean to reach out to more and more people.

We have been self-funded till now. We will let in funding at the right time when we would require a boost to make it large for Clinivantage. Our doors are open for investors with the right and identical mindset as that of ours to discuss funding prospects.