We are By the Women, For the Women organic food startup: Pooja Mehta, TBNC


Growing awareness about the ill effects of processed food products, health consciousness especially amongst the youth and easy availability of farm products across retail chains and online platforms has boosted the growth of organic products in India. The Indian organic food market is currently estimated at INR 6000 crore and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of over 25% for the coming 3 years.

The Bombay Natural Company, a By the Women; For the Women organic food startup, promotes naturally grown foods and ensures that the methods involved in processing those raw materials are done manually.

Latika Bhargava from NewsBarons provides excerpts of an interaction with Pooja Mehta, Founder of The Bombay Natural Company who informs ‘We are India’s First Exclusively By the Women Enterprise in the Organic Grocery space’.

NB: Tell us about TBNC?

Pooja: The Bombay Natural Company (TBNC) is a cooperative farmer’s initiative that offers handpicked NATURAL products preserved with goodness of non-processed nutrients. We are a farm-to-fork model where women are involved at every level starting from hand-picking grains, packing, marketing & distribution and door-to-door delivery. With the growing awareness and need of organic food products in India, I along with a team of like-minded people stared this venture to raise awareness about benefits of organic food and the importance it has with today’s lifestyle. We procure Desi grains, pulses and other products from farmers, which are not grown with High yield variety seeds nor treated with any kind of Chemical fertilizers or pesticides, and upon procurement process them with the traditional ways in order to be made edible.

NB: Explain your sourcing strategy?

Pooja: TBNC has been associated with India Organic Society, a cooperative Organic Farming Initiative and we source the produce directly from the locations where they are grown the best. We have tied up with ladies from these villages who help us hand grind the grains. We are proud to be selling 100% Hand Grinded Atta (flour).

Pooja Mehta, Founder of The Bombay Natural CompanyNB: What is your geographical reach and expansion plans?

Pooja: We are a year-old brand and, at present, cater to clients only in Mumbai region. We have received great response for our products and in our first year of our operations itself; TBNC is headed towards INR 1 crore revenue mark. We are now looking at further expanding our product categories and also our reach across all metros by 2019.

NB: Explain Project Pragati?

Pooja: We have a team of ladies helping us to reach out to every corner of Mumbai and we have termed this initiative as ‘Project Pragati’. Currently, under this initiative, we have 196 ladies reaching out to over 2000 families.

We are further planning to have 2000 women under the Project Pragati initiative with a target to reach over 10,000 customers by mid of 2019 spread across major locations in India.

NB: This is a highly competitive segment. How do you compete with bigger brands?

Pooja: Organic food segment in India has massive scope of growth and opportunities. We do not perceive other organic food players as competition but as brands, who along with The Bombay Natural Company; will help to bring awareness and change in eating habits across people in India.