Podcasting platform Hubhopper launches online studio


Hubhopper is presently India’s largest platform of its kind with over a million hours of audio content spread across 12 vernacular languages.

Hubhopper, India’s largest podcasting and audio-on-demand platform, has launched its first-ever Hubhopper Studio for the potential audio content creators in India. Creators can now use the exceptional features of the platform to seamlessly record their audio content, get them published widely for free through Hubhopper’s distribution network and finally get the content monetised by connecting with the right brands.


• Hubhopper aims to on-board 5000 podcaster in the next 18 months
• Content creators can now host their audio shows for free by simply recording and going live in a few minutes
• Hubhopper studio community will also help podcasters by exploring new avenues of monetization
• As per IFPI’s Music Consumer insight Report 2018, about 75 percent of the smartphones users listen to music on their phones, 86 percent consumers out of which use on-demand streaming


Online media consumption has shown tremendous growth over the past few years. According to IFPI’s Music Consumer insight Report 2018, about 75 percent of the smartphones users listen to music on their phones, 86 percent consumers out of which use on-demand streaming. Moreover, increase in the number of mobile devices is making it easier for consumers to access music and video content on the go and giving opportunity for varied regional language content creators. However, in spite of new and independent content creators having the best of ideas, they struggle with the process of production and distribution that is necessary for their content to become a rage. Such content creators primarily lack the knowledge about devices, editing software, marketing strategies, and most importantly—a platform that will champion their distribution and monetization journey. Sometimes even the existing content creators are unsure whether their audio content or podcasts would taste success even after paying a significant fee to the recording studios or for the production of their audio shows.

Speaking on the launch of this e studio, Gautam Raj Anand, CEO and Founder of Hubhopper said “Hubhopper has always been focussed on enabling budding audio artists from every part of the country to be able to showcase their talent and even take it up as a career opportunity. With our online studio, we further reaffirm our commitment towards all the potential storytellers and content creators. Potential audio artists can now, in three easy steps, record, launch and distribute the podcast to iTunes, Google Podcasts among others. There is huge intent to create content in this country, which is often throttled by people thinking that it will require huge investment or will be technically difficult. Hubhopper Studio is eliminating all such barriers for anyone wanting to showcase their talent and establish an audience base across the country and even beyond.”


Hubhopper has launched the online studio with an intention to enable the new and potential audio content creators to simply log in to the Studio website, record and go live in a matter of minutes using their computer, smartphones, laptops or any other mobile device they are comfortable with.


Once created, Hubhopper’s distribution network will enable the content creators to publish the audio shows on multiple platforms like Social Media websites, OEMs, Smart speakers, in-car entertainment, Telcos, etc.


Moreover, the online platform will also enable the content creators to monetise by connecting them with the relevant brands like 9Stacks (online gaming platform), Wink & Nod (lifestyle), SleepyOwl (beverages), Gharkul Spices (food and spices), Mama Earth (skincare), MyChoize (self-driving cars) etc. for sponsorships, advertising or brand integrations. The platform is also cognizant about their customer experience, and hence will be careful not to disrupt content flow through mid-roll ads.

The Hubhopper platform will be also be using data to identify the best online audience, according to the demographics as well as the genre of the audio content for a particular campaign and buy digital ad inventory through an auction. These ads will then be made available across multiple distribution channels, in places where the audience is expected to frequent.Hubhopper aims to on-board 5000 podcaster in the next 18 months.

The platform has managed to change the way people consume audio content in India within 4 years through its elaborate podcast directory comprising Hubhopper Originals and a variety of content across genres ranging from Society & Culture, Business, Games & Hobbies, Science & Medicine, Entertainment, Kids & Family to Education, Arts, Health, Music, Religion & Spirituality, etc. Further, its collaboration with Samsung has expanded the platform’s reach to nearly 2 million audiences using Samsung Galaxy Smartphones. Hubhopper now envisions to grow parallel with the audio streaming industry and keep making the process of content consumption and creation simpler and more beneficial, while emerging as one of the best content-disseminating platforms.