Heartfulness Group launches Covid Care app


The free-of-charge service is managed by 1500+ Heartfulness certified trainers and medical professionals from the Heartfulness Institute.

Heartfulness Group of organizations has launched “Healthcare by Heartfulness” Covid Care app to provide covid consultation and tele-medicine support along with its helpline, “Voice that Cares”, to offer medical consultation services to those who need it during these stressful times.

Healthcare by Heartfulness was launched by Suchitra Ella, Joint Managing Director Bharat Biotech International, and Heartfulness Guide, Kamlesh Patel (Daaji).

During these trying circumstances, tele-medicine support will provide timely assistance, the right clinical consultation, and alleviate the challenges faced by the individuals seeking help. Easy access to a virtual doctor’s appointment will also reduce the burden on the existing healthcare systems.

The Healthcare by Heartfulness app provides free covid patient consultation anywhere, 24×7, 365 days a year. Once a patient makes a request on the app for doctor consultation, the patient can track their waiting time for services through real-time alerts. The patient receives a call-back from the healthcare staff when it is their turn and can take consultation remotely. The Healthcare by Heartfulness app also allows patients to request assistance in their preferred language when they are not comfortable with English. Through the app’s messaging system, the patient can message the healthcare staff and also view the details of their prescription. During its first phase, the app provides consultations with a panel of 1000+ experts of international repute.

Suchitra Ella, Joint Managing Director Bharat Biotech International said “I am honoured and humbled to be a part of this initiative. I commend the Heartfulness Institute and the volunteers who have made this initiative possible. I wish the app is successful in decoding the right medical information for the people, which is extremely important in today’s times. This initiative will go a long way in helping and supporting every family that uses the app.”

Kamlesh D Patel, Global Guide of Heartfulness said “At Heartfulness we always strive to strengthen the community. Today, humanity needs our support in terms of resources and medical assistance. I am grateful to all Heartfulness volunteers and medical professionals that are making this initiative successful. Together, we hope to make a positive impact during these difficult times.”

The app will soon allow patients to opt for notifications via Telegram to save costs, make consultation requests for multiple specialities, request for beds, and oxygen supply. Time slots and availability of specialist doctors will be published on the app for patients to book appointments. The app will also include covid resources such as testing locations, covid screening tools, Govt. updates and news related to covid-19.

Launched last year, “Voice that Cares” is a toll-free helpline that assists people and provides a listening space to help people in times of emotional turmoil and stress. Along with the app launch, the helpline has also been extended to provide covid-consultation and tele-medicine support. Currently, the helpline anticipates approximately 12,000-15,000 calls a month.

Voice that Cares services is available in respective regional languages like English, Hindi, Telugu, Bengali, and Marathi. Apart from the app, citizens can also call 1800-121-3492 to seek covid consultation or any other medical advice