Reliance Decor to introduce rejuvenation products in India


Reliance Décor Solutions Introduces Products for Interior Decors

Reliance Décor Solutions, a leading distributor and flooring solutions provider across South India plans to introduce flooring maintenance and rejuvenation products from the US on a large scale.

“In India, I’ve observed that there are many vendors which provide carpet or wooden flooring, but none which provide appropriate maintenance solutions,” said Zain Baig, Managing Director.

He further added,“Around the world, wallpapers, carpets, and wooden flooring are quite prevalent in households, restaurants, hospitals and corporate offices. However, the sale of wooden and carpet flooring is mostly limited to corporate offices in India. Such forms of interior decors for households is considered a luxury for households in India, which can primarily be attributed to the lack of awareness about its prices”.

“Over the past 5 years, India has emerged as a competitive market in the luxury flooring segment which primarily caters to large businesses and multinational corporations. Our mission is to increase the size of the business to achieve economies of scale and make luxury flooring affordable to everyone. The company plans to manufacture luxury flooring products in India and minimize costs by eliminating import related duties”.

About Reliance Décor Solutions

Over two decades of industry experience has earned Reliance Enterprises its prized place as a leading distributor and flooring solutions provider of choice for customers across South India. Reliance Decor is being the preferred supplier and installer of choice for various customers across Hyderabad city. Also, company provide products ranging from Carpets, Carpet Tiles, Hardwood, Laminates, and Vinyl flooring along with a vast selection of Sheet Vinyl, Linoleum, and discounted first quality Carpeting. Our flooring solutions cater to the needs of a varied group of clientele, which includes large corporations, small business, apartments, clubs and resorts, schools and showrooms.