KARAM ensures safety of workers by launching two new range of products


In an endeavor to raise awareness amongst people about safety, KARAM, India’s leading Personal Protective Equipment manufacturer, has added two more ranges of safety products to its existing range- the Safety Gloves and Coveralls. These products have been launched keeping in mind the importance of lives of workers working in factories/construction sites. The launch witnessed the presence of prominent personalities of the industry – Mr. BV Sant, Director General of National Safety Council (NSC) and Mr. Kulkarni, Deputy Director, National Safety Council (NSC).

The safety gloves are made up of cut resistant material and provide a better grip to the users. Chemical Resistant Gloves are also waterproof and have chemical resistance to provide overall protection, while working in hazardous sites. The Coveralls, on the other hand, provide safety to the employees from harsh working conditions such as chemical or construction sites. The coveralls are made up of skin-friendly materials and have pockets for functionality. The coveralls have double stitching for additional strength and durability and have zips with brass snap closure.

Details & USPs of the products:

  1. KARAM Industries ranges of Gloves are manufactured keeping in mind the different work conditions. The recommendations are also based on the different manufacturing styles of these gloves, along with their different make-material and coatings, besides the different tests that these gloves pass.
  2. KARAM gloves are tested and certified to the latest norms for mechanical resistance, EN 388:2016, and chemical resistance EN 374:2016.
  3. Prokem ranges of gloves are exclusively for the protection of hands against chemicals. Pioneering in the Indian market with this extensive range, the Prokem has distinctive features to offer like ergonomic design, tested to the latest EN standards, silicon free etc.
  4. Prokut is the exclusive range of Gloves offered by KARAM provides protection to the hands against mechanical hazards, like cut, abrasion, etc.

The Coveralls provided by KARAM are unique in their construction and certified to Category 1 CE certification. The fabric used in their construction is of supreme quality, passing all the standards of colour-fastness and minimum shrinkage. Provided with user friendly features, these Coveralls come in different colours and styles to suit various applications.

Speaking on the new range of products launch, Ms. Kavita Nigam, General Manager, HR, Publicity and Promotion said “KARAM has been in the industry for more than a decade now and is the first company to produce gloves, which complies with latest EN 2016 standards. We have recently added two ranges to our product portfolio, gloves and coveralls. At KARAM, we believe that we save a life through every product or training that we provide to our workers. Two out of ten labourers lose their lives due to workplace fatalities and in order to save their life, we will keep upgrading our products as per the standards and the changing requirement.”

The new launched Products, Safety Gloves and Coveralls will be available at KARAM Industries’ authorized channel partners and Distributors.