How data driven sales enablement can help businesses fulfil their global aspirations: Pradeip Agarwal

Many businesses, with aspirations for global footprint, but stretched by thin sales operations found technology very useful to overcome the fundamental challenges.

The last one year has witnessed technology leaps which we would have seen in about a decade under the old normal. As obvious, the reason for these leaps is Covid-19 pandemic which forced businesses and people to figure out alternative, tech driven ways to survive, continue and grow. However, those who identified ways to effectively implement this technology-based pivot, have started to emerge as winners.

www.newsbarons.comOne such case in example is using technology for global sales enablement. Many businesses, with aspirations for global footprint, but stretched by thin sales operations found technology very useful to overcome the fundamental challenges. For example, when new sales personnel join the team, traveling to instructor-led onboarding is an expensive process and delays the productivity. Moreover, even in the post Covid-19 word, travelling will remain a slightly risky and uncertain affair. People and businesses will take conscious calls on travelling. Add the challenges of coordinating schedules and speakers, and conducting the in-person sessions, and the problem becomes more complex. Having a data driven remote onboarding system can address these issues effectively. The sales personnel can login to the sessions remotely, watch recorded sessions without having to worry for time-zone constraints, and post their queries to trainers. Thus, the system replicates a real-life training experience while eliminating the logistics issues during a conventional enablement program.

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Apart from working as an online remote sales enablement system, the platform also doubles up as a way to monitor and improve sales performance and capabilities of the new team members. For instance, a manager can use the coaching template provided by the system to review a team member’s performance during a customer meeting. It provides a framework for their discussion after the meeting and makes it easy to track how much the representative is improving with these structured coaching sessions. With such an approach, not only the sales representatives continuously improve, but the front-line managers also become better coach for their team. They can focus on certain aspects of training and remediation for each individual representative. In other words, they are equipped with insights and bandwidth to offer a more personalized coaching approach.

Last but not the least, such a data driven sales enablement solution can help address the classic business problem: – How do I showcase results? To this effect, the platform can measure engagement with sales staff throughout the journey and assess their responsiveness to the content shared with them. In other words, the sales enablement platform essentially becomes responsible for helping sales representatives be more successful every time they meet a customer for a pitch. This is not possible in a face to face training session under the conventional pedagogy. The insights from such analytics helps the company improve its sales effectiveness over a period of time, be it through better skills, deeper knowledge of best practices, or just a more effective way to deliver their presentations. As a result, the company develops a strong competitive edge.

[This is an authored article by Pradeip Agarwal, COO & Co-Founder of Stratbeans. All views, opinions and expressions are personal and limited to the author.]