Five ways smart homes can improve your business: Ana Ber, SafeAtLast

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Smart homes are changing not only America but the whole world. Many industries are experiencing rapid change because of this. One of those industries is business. Here are 5 ways in which smart homes can improve your business.

Business Not As Usual

You might be a business owner. Maybe an employee. Perhaps even a stay at home parent. The fact remains that your life is in some way or shape involved in a form of business. Being a full-time parent is a job.

Smart homes are designed to make the lives of its owners better. Most forms of business involve people. So no matter which walks of life you hail from. This technology can help to make your business better.

Better Health

One of the most primary concerns in life is good health. A person’s health determines their productivity. Productive people leads to a productive business. Smart homes help to promote good health.

Sleep Tracking

Smart devices can monitor your sleep to make sure you get optimum rest. It will also track your sleep to wake you in the most opportune time. It helps to eliminate excessive grogginess in your morning routines. You’ll feel much fresher in the mornings and you’ll be more productive.

Diet Assistance

What you eat has a direct influence on your output. Smart kitchen appliances have been developed to keep this in mind. Smart cooking appliances are equipped with cooking methods that lower the amount of oil in food. It has features that cook meals to perfection. No more burnt roasts.

You can even download healthy recipes onto your smart refrigerator. Then have it read the recipes back to you as you cook it. It has water filters to ensure a cleaner water quality from its dispensers. Smart kitchens can help to promote better health by providing healthier diet options.

Less Stress

Distraction is a productivity killer. No human can be distracted and productive at the same time. Smart homes help to keep its owner’s minds on the right things. It accomplishes that by taking care of the mundane activities of day to day life.

Smart Security

Track, monitor and control smart security products from your smartphone. Operate these devices remotely and enjoy total control over your estate. Smart cameras and alarm systems help to automate the security of your home. You don’t have to stress anymore. All of your security features are accessed through your phone. Lock doors, lower the thermostat, monitor smoke detectors, see live CCTV footage and even arm your alarm system through an app.

More Time To Be Productive

According to SafeAtLast, 57% of smart home owners claim they save about 30 minutes per day. Add that up over a year and you’ll save more than 182 hours. That is a little more than a week. Use your smart products in conjunction to create synergy. Your smart home setup can save you time. The time that you can use in building your business. Or perhaps it gives you more time to spend with your kids. Time, after all, is the most valuable resource.

Save Some Cash

45% of smart home owners save a monthly average of $98,30. That adds up to $1’179,60 per year. All that cash can go elsewhere. That may be the little you need to make your budget balance. Or better yet, it may be enough to finance your side hustle.

Products like smart thermostats can save about 20% of yearly warming and cooling costs. Install one at both your home and business. Operate it remotely through your smartphone to save unnecessary gas bills.

Automate It

Smart Homes utilize something called the Internet of Things (IoT). All your smart devices will connect to the internet to access all kinds of information. You’ll even be able to browse the internet through smart home products.

Automate certain aspects of your business to enable online sales. For instance, people are able to order products through their smart fridges. Make sure your business is able to capitalize on such sales. Earn customers’ trust to become one of the companies leading IoT sales figures.

Become Top Dog

Smart homes are here to help. Its owners will bask in its benefits. But, those benefits can spill over to businesses as well. Use it to your advantage and rack up the sales.

[This is an authored article by Ana Ber, Head of Marketing and Content at SafeAtLast. All views, opinions and expressions are personal and limited to the author.]