YES BANK launches YES SCALE Bizconnect for MSME associations

Yes Bank

Also developed YES SCALE Business Solutions, a bespoke sector solutioning model for Educational Institutes, Logistics and Healthcare among others.

YES SCALE, YES BANK’s innovation program has launched YES SCALE Bizconnect, a first of its kind app by a Bank, designed to digitize operations of MSME Associations through curated technology and banking solutions.


• First of its kind app – already deployed in 3 associations, catering to 1500+ MSMEs, plan to onboard 50 associations by FY20
• Platform application with sectoral inputs, knowledge sharing, e-marketplace for inter-MSME trade and seamlessly integrated banking
• YES SCALE Business Solutions already deployed in 30+ institutions enabling INR 100 crore+ CASA inflow for the Bank within a month of the launch. The Bank aims to onboard 200+ institutions in the current FY

Bizconnect – an industry first initiative, is a comprehensive solution for MSME associations to connect and manage their entire member base, share information and industry specific knowledge as well as enable members to trade and transact among each other through a specially designed e-marketplace. The app seamless dovetails all banking transactions of the association ranging from member fee collections to sponsorships, event and symposium bookings entirely on the platform. The app will also serve as a virtual knowledge platform with industry specific reports, articles and expert interviews curated basis interests of individual members.

In line with YES BANK’s commitment towards creating an enabling environment for MSMEs, Bizconnect offers:

• A plug & play platform solution which helps associations to enhance member connect, ease administrative hassles, share knowledge easily and also acts as a marketplace for membersfor their businesses
• Enables members to list their products and services with an option to buy/sell/order as well as place enquiries – boosting member trade as well as association connect. YES BANK’s digital banking suite also enables purchases, pay later and collections on this marketplace
• Completely digitize all financial transactions – Membership fee, event booking, hall booking – payments, collection and reconciliation
• Association Member MSMEs can avail any banking product, just through a click

Commenting on the launch, Rajan Pental, Senior Group President and Head – Branch and Retail Banking, said “YES BANK has been focusing on the technology adoption segment through a slew of digital innovations such as instant OD availability and GST based lending. Through YES SCALE Bizconnect and YES SCALE Business Solutions, the Bank now extends its ‘Knowledge Banking’ focus to help digitize operations for its key MSME partners through curated banking and technology solutions. This is in line with the Bank’s commitment towards helping MSMEs scale up and grow their businesses.”

The Bank has also developed YES SCALE Business Solutions, a bespoke sector solutioning model for Education, Logistics & Supply chain, Healthtech and Clubs & Gymkhanas. 30+ institutions across sectors have already adopted the solution.

Edtech – YES SCALE CampusConnect

This curated platform solution allows universities, schools, and colleges to support administration across multiple schools, greater engagement with students & parents and management of staff, while digitizing their entire financial supply chain

1. Provides three interfaces namely Birds Eye, School and parent interfaces.
2. The Birds Eye AI-based dashboard is designed for trustees and administrators to monitor finances, admin and progress of multiple schools and departments.
3. The school interface helps Track performance across colleges/schools, and reduce overhead expenses + Manage KPIs with AI driven recommendations
4. Digital fee payments with invoice & receipt generation features + offline payment integration
   a. Enables auto payment reminders and reduce collection cycles
   b. Student wise fee dues/payments to eliminate reconciliation hassles
5. The Parent interface enables parents to monitor the progress of their wards and enables digital payments for fees, extra classes, transport – reducing cash hassles

Logistics & Supply Chain

1. The Logistics platform focusses on ‘pricing and fleet transparency’, ‘route, delivery and fleet management’ and ‘intelligent warehouse management’. This product suite has been created using AI and IoT in partnership with five startups
2. Through this, business owners, promoters and entrepreneurs will be able to optimise their vehicles, routing, driver management as well as end-to-end digitisation of their warehouse.
3. Additionally all financial transactions like invoice management, payments, collections can be managed on the platform


1. YES SCALE has partnered with technology solution startups addressing the needs for hospitals, pathology labs, diagnostic centres and doctors.
2. End-to-end patient management including Remote Patient Monitoring, Digitalised& Secured Reports, Patient Awareness and Queue Management are solved through the Healthtech platform.
3. Additionally, capabilities to manage doctors & staff, inventory management, sample tracking, department & ward management
4. Digital payments, collections, invoicing from patients, suppliers, vendors, doctors with alerts and recommendations to manage financial cycles

Clubs & Gymkhanas

YES SCALE ClubConnect is a Smart Club and Gymkhana Management Solution which provides 2 unique interfaces for

1. Club Administration to
    a. Manage clubs & gymkhanas including multiple facilities & members, on a single platform
    b. Use AI based alerts and recommendations for facilities & member management
    c. Digitize & track all payments/collection and reconciliation
2. Members (Member App) to automate fee payments as well as digital booking of all facilities–restaurants/bars/courts/halls/events etc.

The YES SCALE platform by YES BANK started off as an accelerator to enable the growth of promising startups in focused growth sectors – Supply Chain & Logistics, Clean & Urban Tech, Agritech, Lifesciences & Health Tech and Edtech. The platform has now evolved into an innovation and solutioning platform for co-creating solutions with startups to support MSME business owners, promoters and entrepreneurs.