Sun Life ASC launches Digital First initiative

Sun Life ASC

A unique three years cross functional program to create a customer-like seamless digital experience for employees supporting Sun Life’s global focus on digital transformation of its business.

Sun Life Financial’ s Asia Service Centre (ASC) in Gurgaon, the fast growing innovation hub benefitting Sun Life’s global operations, has launched a unique three years cross functional program called the Digital First Initiative under its next gen employee engagement program supporting the company’s global focus on digital transformation of its business.

Sun Life ASC aims to be a leading knowledge services player in India over the next 5 years. While a lot of organizations digitize or automate their processes, the Digital First Initiative by Sun Life ASC is a unique endeavor to create a Unique Digital Experience wherein any query, support or service that an employee needs will be catered through, akin to customer experiences. The Digital First Initiative will digitalise Sun Life ASC’s internal processes for its 1800+ employees wherein they will have a single user interface instead of multiple touch points for all their queries in the areas of- compensation & benefits, performance, learning, expense management, grievance & query management, travel, leave, e learning programs etc.

Under the Initiative, digital tech will enable Sun Life ASC to train new employees using e-learning platforms like Bite-sized e-learning modules which save a considerable amount of time and are to the point with targeted information so that the employee can take it anytime anywhere, as compared to a full day blocked for an executive program session. Adoptions of other e-learning methods such as online classrooms, information videos, courses on intranet etc., will also help the company in minimizing training burden on the HR teams. Chatbots will help analyze employee sentiment and plan talent flow to improve employee wellbeing and build improved employee engagement programs. Harnessing predictive analytics and AI will also result in HR teams spending less time on administrative or routine work and rather spend time strategizing towards business goals.

The organization has adopted an agile methodology using digital technologies for process improvements- artificial intelligence, data science, chatbots and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). There is tremendous focus on building operational excellence with automation and AI, maintaining high standards of cyber security and accelerating enterprise digital transformation. The Initiative will be functional by Dec. 2019.

The Digital First Initiative is an evolving process with work on Smart Policy Help and Education Assessment modules in progress, to be followed by other modules in the next stages of the three years cross functional program. Going forward, this Initiative will also prove to be a golden source of data for analytics and insights which can be leveraged to launch people centric policies and practices.

Rajat Vibhas, Head of Business Excellence & Communications, Asia Service Centre,Sun Life Financial Asia Services Centre (ASC) shared “Digital first program is one of our long-term strategic initiatives to drive seamless and outstanding employee experience across their organizational life cycle at Sun Life Asia Service Centres. Our goal is to not just automate and simplify our internal processes but also create delightful employee experience through digitization and digitalization. It is also expected to create golden source of data for employee analytics and insights, which will enable strategic people initiatives. It is a cross functional collaboration program leveraging Product ownership and Agile methodology to impact world class digital internal employee experience.

As Sun Life Financial embarks on an ambitious journey to digitize its overall operations, Sun Life Financial’ s Asia Service Centre (ASC) in Gurgaon is working towards embedding a digital friendly culture, with investment in its employees.