HDFC Bank voted India’s ‘Best Managed Company’

HDFC bank logo

HDFC Bank was voted the Best Managed Company in India by investors and analysts in a poll conducted by FinanceAsia, a leading global financial magazine. HDFC Bank is followed by TCS, and Hindustan Unilever in this category.

The bank also ranked 1st for ‘Best Growth Strategy’. Titan and Bajaj Finance were the other corporates in the top 3.

HDFC Bank, Managing Director, Aditya Puri was also voted India’s Best CEO in the same survey.

The Bank also ranked 2nd in ‘Environmental and Social Governance’ (ESG) behind TCS, and 3rd in Investor Relations behind TCS and Infosys.

Details of FinanceAsia's Survey 2019

240 portfolio managers and analysts from around the world participated in the survey in its 19th year. The magazine quizzed investors about the best managed listed companies across Asia, in addition to the best senior executives and best policies around dividend payments, the magazine said on its website. The survey remained open for a period of 5 weeks starting January 2019.