Faircent ties up with wealth creation firm Cube Wealth


Tie-up will enable members of the advisory platform to invest directly on the P2P lending platform

In an announcement highlighting its focus on delivering the highest levels of convenience to its users, India’s largest NBFC-P2P, Faircent, has tied up with Cube Wealth, a tech first wealth creation firm for urban Indian professionals. The partnership, which went live recently, will enable members of the wealth platform to invest on the P2P lending platform directly through the Cube Wealth app.

In March 2018, Faircent announced opening its’ API platform for developers with the aim to enable fintech and offline businesses to leverage the company’s extensive technological infrastructure to build new digital lending products, as well as to integrate existing solutions into their offerings. Faircent’s technology stack offers a wide range of solutions pertaining to online lending such as borrower and lender verification, credit evaluation and underwriting, payments and disbursement of funds, research and analytics, and payment collection and recovery. Cube Wealth helps urban Indian professionals plan their finances, invest their money and achieve financial independence. This partnership integrates Faircent’s technology stack with Cube Wealth app, enabling their members to add P2P lending to their overall investment portfolio and choose from thousands of P2P loans to invest in.

Commenting on the association, Karun Thareja, Chief Product Officer, Faircent said, “Over the past few months with a rapidly growing number of disbursements through the platform, we wanted to make it accessible to a more diverse segment of investors. An increasing number of investors today demand a comprehensive solution to access a wide range of investment products and financial services and build a diverse financial and investment portfolio. Given Cube Wealth’s user base of mid to high income individuals looking to maximize their investments and wealth, Faircent.com will give them the perfect chance to enhance their portfolio with a risk-adjusted product that delivers regular and lucrative returns.”

Satyen Kothari, Founder and CEO, Cube Wealth, said, “The goal behind Cube Wealth is to simplify financial planning and make it jargon-free for individuals with an annual income of INR 10 lakh and above. P2P lending is an alternative investment opportunity with strong fundamentals, delivering high returns at manageable risk. We are delighted to partner with Faircent.com which is among the pioneers of alternative, digital investing in the country, not to mention the leading P2P lending company. We are confident that both our existing as well as future members will appreciate the opportunity to build a diverse portfolio with a dynamic investment product like P2P lending.”

With P2P lending, investors/lenders can build their wealth over the long term by investing in multiple borrowers from diverse risk and return brackets. More importantly, they can do so with the help of the cutting-edge tools offered by Faircent.com, like ‘Auto Invest’ and ‘Portfolio What If Analysis’. These tools not only help them efficiently manage risk, but also target the highest possible annualized returns on their P2P portfolio.

About Faircent

Faircent.com is India’s largest peer to peer lending website which caters to retail and business loans. It is an online platform where, people who have spare money lend it directly to people who want to borrow, thereby eliminating intermediaries and the margins they used to make.

About Cube Wealth

Cube Wealth helps users plan their finances, invest their money to create wealth and find ways to maximize returns on savings. Cube Wealth enlists the expertise of advisors registered with Securities and Exchange Board of India and Reserve Bank of India, who usually only advise high net worth individuals. International investment options in mutual funds are accessible to users.

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