Automobile sector leads talent demand: TimesJobsRecruiteX May 2019

TimesJobsRecruiteX May 2019 report have recorded 22% Y-o-Y growth and 6% M-o-M growth in online recruitment activities.

With 22% Y-o-Y growth, May 2019 became the fifth straight month to record an upsurge in the talent demand, as stated by the TimesJobsRecruiteX May 2019 report. TimesJobsRecruiteX – a monthly recruitment index records the demand and supply of talent. The May 2019 edition of RecruiteX noted a 6% M-o-M gain in talent demand, with the Automobiles and Construction sectors noting maximum talent demand.


• TimesJobsRecruiteX May 2019 report have recorded 22% Y-o-Y growth and 6% M-o-M growth in online recruitment activities
• Automobiles sector is bullish on talent demand; followed by Construction and BPO
• Logistics/ Supply Chain Management/ Procurementprofiles were most sought after in May 2019

Commenting on the findings of the TimesJobsRecruiteX May 2019 edition, Sanjay Goyal, Business Head, TimesJobs and TechGig said “The Automobiles sector is one of the strongest pillars of the Indian economy. Presently, the sector is witnessing new product launches, the advent of new international brands in India and is also gearing up for new policies that encourage the mass production of electric vehicles. The Automobiles sector is witnessing a shift in its way of working as well. It’s no surprise that the sector claimed highest talent demand in May 2019”.

Automobiles sectors (15%) led talent demand in May’19 followed by Construction (14%) and BPO/ITeS-10%.

Interestingly, the Automobiles sector was on the fifth spot last month with 3% talent demand and massively improved its talent intake to become the top sector (with 15% talent demand)in May 2019. On the other hand, the Healthcare sector – which saw the highest talent demand of 12% in April 2019 slipped to the ninth spot in the May 2019 tally with just 3% talent demand.

Demand for Logistics/ Supply Chain Management/ Procurement (10%) professionals post double-digit growth followed by Accounting & Finance (8%) and Front Office/ Administration (6%).

In functional-area wise analysis, Logistics/ Supply Chain Management/ Procurement profesionals were most in-demand job profile. It had noted 6% talent intake in April 2019 and jumped on to register 10% talent demand in May 2019.

Chennai (29%) showed highest growth in online recruitment activity followed by Lucknow (24%) and Mumbai (18%).

Jaipur which was on top of location wise tally in April 2019, didn’t witness new much talent intake in May 2019.

Senior level professionals with 20+ years of work experience (20%) were most in demand followed by people with work experience between 10-20 years (10%) and people with 2-5 years of work experience (4%).

Mirroring the trend of April 2019, demand for talent in May 2019 was highest for candidates with 20+ years of work experience.