5 latest offerings on ICICI Bank’s iMobile will ease the way you bank

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The year of 2019 will see few changes in consumer behavior as they expect more personalization served along with better security. While the complexity still exists in catering personalization along with security, ICICI Bank strives to strike a balance to cater both with its revamped iMobile banking application.

Here’s how the Bank has played its part in making banking faster and simpler than ever with these exclusive new additions on its iMobile app:

1. Money Coach

Nothing could be better than a friend that assists you in making optimum use of your hard earned money. The iMobile app has certainly taken things seriously and introduced a new friend named ‘Money Coach’. A software robotics based advisory platform, ‘Money Coach’ helps you plan your future investments in a seamless manner.

To assist you in choosing the right investment product, Money Coach manages the entire investment journey, starting from building an investible corpus, investing in recommended funds and ensuring that the portfolio stays on track in order to meet the investment goals. The application also monitors your portfolio 24X7, and generates triggers whenever the portfolio goes off track.

The service is offered free of cost and enables quick registrations in mutual funds in a completely paperless way.

2. Personal Finance Management (Discover)

We have all at some point in our lives took to the pen and scribbled numbers on our notepads to estimate our spending patterns, budgets and everything that we should strictly not be spending on. The iMobile app has a cool feature that saves you ink and complex calculations. The first of its kind feature offers you services like consolidated statement of transactions done through the year, a graphical representation of spending patterns, suggestions for future transactions based on past transaction records as well as an option to track deliverables and service requests.

3. ‘PayLater’

The next time your wallet holds you back from owning what you truly want, pull out your smartphone, open the iMobile app, spend and simply PayLater with a smile.

Targeted at the young and millennial customers who want everything digitally

and instantaneously, including credit, the newly launched instant digital credit facility lets users buy small ticket items immediately in a completely digital and paperless manner. Using this feature, you can also shop online, pay bills and pay to any merchant UPI ID at physical stores instantly.

4. Securing card transactions:

This is the feature that will sweep away all your apprehensions pertaining to card security and safety of financial transactions! The iMobile app lets users set limits on their debit cards for domestic as well as international transactions, hence allowing them to keep a lock on the safety of their transactions.
This is not it, the bank has also introduced a new feature in the iMobile app which gives you the power to control the security of your cards from your own phones at just the flick of a button, 24×7. With this, you can:

a) Temporarily block / unblock the Card

b) Block / unblock online transactions

c) Block / unblock international transactions

d) Block / unblock ATM withdrawals

5. In app merchant payments

You are bound to charge your phone’s battery every now and then given the number of things it lets you do! From ordering food online to scrolling down your friends feed on a social media platform, it is truly a world in itself.

However, you can now do more and save up on some storage space as with the iMobile app you can now make instant payments for day-to-day transactions such as ordering food, hotel bookings, travel and more, all from within the app. The money gets debited directly from your bank account making the entire process, extremely hassle-free.