Spunkads Media launches Native Machine


Native Machine tool is an integrated platform with Real Time Tracking, Automation and Bulk Campaign creation.

Spunkads Media tools has launched its all-in-one self-serve native DSP and highly efficient tool ‘Native Machine’, wherein, advertisers can save time managing multiple advertising campaigns with ease.

It helps them manage native advertising more efficiently by using Native Machine’s tools such as bulk campaign management, in-depth real-time stats and rule-based goal optimization across multiple traffic sources.

Native Machine was unveiled at Moscow Affiliate Conference 2019 on the 10th of April.

Sohrab Ali, Co-Founder, Native Machine said ‘Native Machine is a user’s go-to solution in the advertising sector and in the coming days, we are looking forward to reaching out to more advertisers soon. Native Machine connects with all the native networks on which a team relies every day to expand the business to track all the ongoing campaigns easily’.

Native Machine offers premium support with real time tracking feature, automation tool bulk campaign creation and in-built tracking tool to target and manage all campaigns effectively. It also offers Smart Listing and accurate analysis tool to blacklist/whitelist and extract real time reports which in turn, reduces the click loss and increases ROI. It also integrates all the renowned native advertising platforms such as Taboola, Outbrain and MGID.