7 Best facebook video ads practices to follow in 2019: Sumit Ghosh, PowerAdSpy

7 Best Facebook Video Ads Practices To Follow In 2019

Savvy Marketers – Please pay attention! Take note – Facebook Videos are here to stay. Even Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated that – There’s nothing more empowering than a video. They are the future of marketing.

No matter how nonsensical a video seems to be on Facebook, people pause and watch them. Videos are powerful as they leave the message stuck in your mind. It can do wonders if presented and placed in the right way.

On a daily basis, more than 500 million people watch videos on Facebook. The competition is growing and the businesses have to really work hard to make their video ads engaging and outstanding.

We have pointed out the Best Facebook video ads practices that you must focus and follow in 2019. With these tips by your side, you will be able to make videos that will definitely catch the eyeballs of the users even from the most scrambled Facebook feeds.

But First, What Facebook Video Ads is?

Facebook video ads are the advertisements that are created in a video ad format. You need to tap on create in the top of your profile. Fb videos are taking over the web. It is much more effective than a static image and are highly engaging.

Nowadays in the Facebook feed placements, video has taken the front position.

Video ads has the power to engulf their audience as it masters and take the storytelling process to another level. The effect of video ads on audience is massive. If you are still not including video ads in your marketing plans, then you are definitely missing out a great opportunity. As we know Facebook is in the hoard to take over YouTube (the Video king) & who knows one day this might happen.


As we all are aware of the fact that Facebook is constantly evolving and rolling out new features, you have to be smart and clever with your advertising and marketing plans. Below given are some important practices that will help you create captivating video ads and drive in larger engagements.

  1.  Hook Your Audience In The First 03 Seconds
  2.  The Sound Of Silence
    3. Frame An Appealing Advertising Copy
    4. Choose The Right Facebook Ad Objective
    5. Magic Of Short Mobile Videos
    6. Video Ad Format
    7. Testing And Feedback Analyzing

#1. Hook Your Audience In The First 03 Seconds

First impression is the last impression. Facebook do have the autoplay feature so as to make you able to catch the viewers’ attention in the first place. You do not have to waste time. Make sure you have a killer headline, outstanding content from the very beginning. Talk about your product, your story, what this video will take them to. Everything should be created in a way that should grab the eyeballs of the viewers in the initial seconds.

#2. The Sound Of Silence

85% of the audience plays video without the sound. You have to be visually creative while creating your video ads. People should get your message even without any sound. You can optimize your video ads and can make it more appealing by –

• Always Displaying captions. Go to settings and put Captions ON
• Include powerful imagery
• Add text and Title Overlays

Without sound you have to make people understand what your video is all about. It is a big deal and takes greater amount of efforts to get a grip over it but you have to create one video that entices viewers to watch the whole video even without the sound.

#3. Frame An Appealing Advertising Copy

Without a great ad copy, even your best video ads will not work. Weak words will take you nowhere. We cannot deny the fact that people will definitely look and prefer those services which offer them what they need. It is always important that you guide your audience through your ad copy. The W.I.I.F.M (what’s in it for me) factor plays a very important part. You should keep these three things in your mind –

  • Write your ad copy by keeping you audience in your mind
  •  Include a clear CTA in it
  • The starting lines should be catchy

#4. Choose The Right Facebook Ad Objective

Selecting the right Facebook ad objective is very important while planning your Facebook ad campaigns. As there are total 11 ad objectives available and each objective helps you to reach your desired end results.

You have to choose wisely. If you want people to visit your website, blog, Google/Apple play store etc. then use the Traffic objective.

In case you want to promote a webinar, or a product launch, landing page then use Conversions.

#5. Magic Of Short Mobile Videos

Today majority of people prefer to watch videos on mobile. If you want your viewers to watch your video ad till the end, you must aim for creating a video of 15 seconds or less time duration.

Also you have to make sure you are able to deliver the aim to your audience. Also you have to create videos creatively so that it holds their attention and the audience watch till the end. Create the beginning of the video interesting.

#6. Video Ad Format

It has been cleared and proved that if you want to be successful in your Facebook video ads you have to compose vertical or square format videos. These square ad formats take almost 80% of the space and makes it difficult for the users to miss. Vertical and square ad formats brings in 80% increase in engagement and 35% increase in the number of video views. Also these video ads are more compatible for the mobile users since it is used in the portrait mode all the time. You must definitely avoid using the landscape mode.

#7. Testing And Feedback Analyzing

It is very important to keep an eagle eye on the analytics part once your Facebook video ads comes out. The feedbacks which you get from your onlookers may be very snooky, surprising and you have to be careful as there are n number of factors that can affect your campaign success. Make sure of one thing do not ever over boost your posts before you are 100% sure that it will work. Before jumping to conclusions you should do the proper A/B testing.

You never know you can come up with facing bad results due to many things poor quality content or seemingly minor mistakes that can be covered up such as posting at the wrong hours. If you see the results of your video ads campaigns are below par, do not panic at all. Analyze carefully and take into consideration and spot the issues.

Wrapping It Up!

If we talk about the future of the Facebook video ads, it looks so bright, we gotta wear shades.

Facebook video ads are meant to drive in higher engagements and are believed to be more intriguing and successful than static image ads. They are highly effective.

Also there are tons of bewitching video ad formats like Augmented Reality Ads, brand new Facebook watch shows that has started to make the whirls and are one of the reason why the video ads gonna be a massive hit.

All things considered, 2019 totally looks like a wonderful year for video marketing on Facebook. Consider these 07 practices and get ready to crack your next Facebook ad campaigns smartly.

[This is an authored article by Sumit Ghosh, Founder and CEO of PowerAdSpy. All views, opinions and expressions are personal and limited to the author.]